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Bitch Called Niece

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Bitch Called NieceBitch Called NieceBy: Londebaaz Chohan It was almost midnight, Lucy still sat in front of the dressing mirror with a long face, shocked and shaken about what had happened to her couple of hours ago. Her parents had gone to Europe for a vacation and she was dazed, when her mom?s younger brother Wayne was called to stay with her. She was present in the room when her mom told him that he may have to do something beyond the ordinary to control Lucy from her nasty doings. Uncle Wayne was a senior at the local university graduating in about 8 months with the Education of International Affairs as a major. Young 22, 6? 1?? tall Wayne was a healthy man with a muscular body due to being a very active athlete and the fit sportsman. It was almost 6:00 PM, Saturday, when Lucy had sat for over an hour in front of the dresser mirror fixing her make up to look beautiful. This was the 19th birthday of her boyfriend and she was going to see him tonight for a dinner date and she had planned to go for a long drive afterwards with him to some distant town, rent a hotel room and give her cherry to her boyfriend as a birthday gift. She was wearing an extra mini, very vulgar looking short dress and was almost ready to walk out when Uncle Wayne walked in the room and told her, she looked like a filthy street whore, going out dressed like that. They started arguing and before she knew, he slapped her right across the face stunning her as if she was a statue.Next, he grabbed her by the hair, throwing her on the bed, him on top to hold her down as she struggled. She tried to bit him on the wrist earning another hard slap on her face once again with his hands clutching around her throat. Ripping her skimpy blouse made the buttons fly all over the room releasing her young and tasty tits free from the fabric prison. He quickly locked his mouth onto one of the nipples sucking hard and even biting painfully.Feeling his hands glide on her naked buttery soft, smooth thighs, she struggled very hard as his thick and rough, manly fingers ripped her most sexy looking thong, she had put on for her boyfriend to push to a side before enjoying her pussy. His fingers were forcing up her virgin cunt as she struggled even harder, trying to free herself, as she heard his zipper being pulled down. She kicked out as he squatted on her breast exposing his huge cock that throbbed only an inch or so from her face. She muffled much harder as he forced his huge cock head on her lips trying to force open her wet warm mouth. She tasted his salty pre cum leaking freely, making her gag a little as he forced his cock into the back of her throat, choking her and making her eyes water.Lucy struggled, gagged and choked as he kept going to force his cock down her young throat but it was not happening. Maybe getting it down her throat and unloading might have been enough for him but because he could hardly get only his tremendous cock head and not more than another inch in her mouth, leaving still at least 7?8 inches of cock shaft out of her, he pulled it all out of her mouth slithered in her spit, dropping flat on her body, his weight held her down as he used his knees to spread her legs wide open. He could feel his big cock head touch her pussy lips. The spit and the drool helped his cockhead to glide through her still tight and dry cunt lips, opening them for all of his huge cock.She screamed, ?NO, NO, No uncle please don?t. I am still virgin and your cock is too big. It will surely tear me apart?.Wayne knew, she was virgin and for a second realized, what he intended to do was wrong. It was against the relationship of uncle and niece but his mind was in control of his cock and the lust. He pressed his lips to her wet spit slithered mouth, forcing his tongue into her mouth, fucking her innocent mouth with his eager tongue while his hips pressed down hard forcing her young tight cunt to accept his very thick cockhead into her body. She yelled in his mouth as pain sent shock waves of pleasure through her as he kept forcing harder, making her take his oversized cock in her teen cunt, tearing her hymen into the hottest tightest young cunt he ever been in.She howled; her struggle had stopped, his cock was motionless in her, letting her cunt stretch and get used to his girth before he let her have the length. She whimpered and he felt her teeth let go his tongue and start sucking his tongue once again like a baby sucks on a pacifier. He knew, he had broken her, he knew, she had lost her fight, he knew, he had shattered the seal of her pussy and now she was his as he reverse wrenched till just his cockhead was in her and then pressed into her making her take all of his cock length. He still had a couple of inches to go but his large head was already pushing into her cervix, making her suck harder on his tongue as if by hard sucking his tongue would make the pain go away from her over stretched and over filled teen cunt.That is when he looked down at her through the eyes of an uncle and not an angry lust filled man and his hips suddenly shifted into the top gear and like a machine, he began thrusting into her pussy. With the force of ?Auto pilot? on, as he thrusted in her, each inward thrust tried to get those last couple of inches into her thinning pussy while she whimpered with pain. He brought his one hand to where their mouths were joined and scooped up the drool that was on her cheek with his index finger, lifting his partial weight off her, his hand slipped between their bodies and his wet finger found her clitoris as he began to twist, tweak and manipulate it bringing her young body to life and her young cunt to grip and throb much harder around the thick and solid girth of his fucking cock. She moaned into his mouth as his finger stimulated her clit to produce hot juices to help him get the last inches into her teen body. She growled out with a mix of pain and pleasure as her cunt stretched and he pressed hard against her cervix. His cock head trying to gain entry into the depths that he could never have imagined possible or even dreamt that she had inside her vault.She had not wanted it like this. She had fantasized it to be romantic and loving when she gave someone her virgin pussy but she was feeling his very expert fingers bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm. She believed, she would blow her mind as her cunt squeezed very tight around her uncle?s big cock. He could feel his cum start to rise up from his balls as his cock felt expanding to even bigger size inside her and she moaned out loud in pain but his finger kept working harder. He wanted her to cum as well. He did not give a shit, only a couple of minutes ago when he let his cock butcher through her but now, he was her very concerned uncle and wanted her to cum on his cock. She was close and his cum was also up in the shaft of his cock but he held it back just a little while longer. She broke their kiss as she let out a guttural a****listic growl. Her body twisted and turned under him as her orgasm hit her. She had made her cum with her own finger many a times but with his cock inside her pussy and his hand playing with her clitoris; it had never felt like this. Her body exploded in a thousand pieces under him. Her milking cunt pushed him over the edge also as he roared with his head thrown back, his chest heaving as his orgasm jutted his hot, thick and fertile seed right at her fraught cervix. The heat of his male juice was causing many, mini orgasms in her with his each squirt at the cervix.He dropped back down on top of her, his cock wilting inside her. Both uncle and niece gasping for air. Without a single word spoken between them, he got up, his cock pulled out of her with a plopping sound and she could feel his flood flowing out of her cunt onto the bed sheets. With her eyes closed, she could hear him leave her room, slamming the door behind him. She sat up as his thick and viscous cum leaked out of her much unprotected cunt. She got up, walked to the dresser and sat in front of the mirror, not knowing exactly what and why it happened so brutally. Her make up all messed, her mascara running down her face. It was almost midnight, Lucy still sat in front of the dressing mirror with a long face, shocked and shaken about what had happened to her couple of hours ago. Confused, bewildered and exhausted from deep and repeated splendid orgasms, her uncle had given her. Far better than any of her mother fucking boyfriend, ever could.The End. Your comments help me to write better for your entertainment. Londebaaz Chohan June 6, 2020.
04-30-2021, at 02:31 PM

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