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This is how desperate I want BBC to use me

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This is how desperate I want BBC to use meSo it?s becoming unbearable and It the only thing I can think about day and night but I have come up with a idea that will finally guarantee that I will get forced and used like the sissy white faggot I have turned myself into by a black man or a group and become there sex toy and then my transformation will be completed My need for this is making me so desperate I am seriously thinking of doing something so extreme and stupid (My idea)So first I order some BBC sissy henna tattoos that apparently last about a week or 2 When I get them I remove all of my body hair and I place a tattoo above dicklet and also lock myself into a cock cage in pink and once locked I chuck the key in the cupboard I put a tattoo on my ankle as well I put on my sexy pink panties and stockings and man clothes over to hide my sissy self So now the madness I will go and get arrested in a real black dominant area where practically everyone is black So I?m strip searched by police and the look on their faces when they saw under my man clothes was absolutely unbelievably humiliating I loved it So as I stood there they were laughing and calling me all sorts of things like sissy fag and little dick wimp When they noticed the BBC loving tattoos I was told how lucky I was and they dragged me down the hall and chucked me in the holding cell that was for several people I asked for my man clothes back and I was laughed and told to have fun then I realised there were 2 massive black mean looking men in the cell and they were on me in seconds So sissy we have just what your looking for and with that 2 massive black cocks were out and getting even bigger as they hardened I was just staring in amazement suddenly I was slapped around the face then forced to my knees and they took turns to face fuck me and degraded me Hay slut give me the key I want to be your key holder sorry I left it at home They were laughing so much and commenting about how I?m stuck in the cage and I bet I never imagine I would be arrested and how stupid not to have a emergency key on me little did the know that was my plan So I?m finally getting black cock and I amazing by all the different feelings and emotions I had in that very moment And I knew then that it was absolutely true what people say ?once you go black you never go back ?I was immediately hooked like a crack addict The taste the smell and the feeling of being at there mercy was wild so much so I could feel my dicklet was actually trying to get hard and considering how I have been limp for at least a year and a half so it was a bit of a surprised as I thought it was limp for the rest of my life but of course My dicklet was locked and I couldn?t get out of it so I missed out on maybe feeling something I hadn?t in a long time but hay it was probably for the best as I don?t want to be confused in thinking that I might have a little bit of manliness still in me So I?m being moved around and then I feel the dirty soap from the sink being rubbed in between my arse checks and in my hole and the black man is laughing and telling his mate that my hole is opened up already but nothing compares to what I will be like after they have finished Then it happens I feel his thick black cock head push at my hole and fuck it?s very big but that?s when the black bastard rams it in so hard with such force he is ball deep in one and I?m crying because the pain is so much and I begging for him to stop as he is ripping me apart but he just carried on because I?m just a hole to him That?s when I realised that his brutal entry had made me cum and I am absolutely ashamed that happened and now I realised I was pushing myself back into him and the pain was fading and the pleasure was absolutely amazing I was in another world drunk on black cock I was getting it both ends and very hard and I cannot believe how long they lasted at such a pace suddenly they both grabbed on to me extra tight at both ends and then they pushed as deep and hard into me at the same time and I couldn?t believe how amazing it felt to have them flooding me with there hot seed it was the best thing ever I then fell asleep on the dirty cell floor in a cum socked mess I was dreaming about how much fun I had and how much more fun I would have when I?m moved into a permanent prison and how I would become the black men prison bitch and couldn?t wait to see how many I could get in one day and I hoped the guards wouldn?t have my cage removed as I wanted to be stuck locked in till I was released So yes it was stupid and risky thing to make my dream come true But I am thinking of doing something so bad I get life in prison as I know I will be happy there
04-30-2021, at 02:31 PM

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