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"Be careful what you wish for" Pt. 2

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"Be careful what you wish for" Pt. 2His voice is louder now. ?Shall we begin the night?s festivities??Then more lights come on all over the room and surprisingly, they all get up and walk away from me, heading towards the food.No, not all. Two middle aged men head towards me instead.I?m breathing rapidly now as they get closer, erect cocks bobbing and swinging between their legs.The African American man reaches me first, ?Hello, little Lexie? My name is Malcolm.? he says as he palms my entire pussy in his right hand and squeezes hard. I whimper as though in agony but to my chagrin, it only makes me wetter. ?Mm? I can feel your pussy juice running out of your cunt.?His companion drags over a chair and places it behind him, ?Ah, thank you Arthur. This makes it easier? he says as he sits on it, with his face now at my crotch level as he stares right at my pussy. ?What a feast? We?ve been here for quite some time, waiting for you to wake.?I can only look down and watch him as he lifts his fingers to my pussy. He dips his index finger into my pussy hole and I feel him wiggle it inside before he pulls it out.?So fucking tight.? He says before sucking it into his mouth, moaning as his eyes remain locked on mine the entire time. Standing next to him, Arthur is jerking his cock which seems to be almost 7 inches. Why do I care about the size of his cock? My clit hurts.It always hurts when I?m very aroused.What a clusterfuck.Malcolm leans forward and gives the exposed tip of my clit an aggressive lick, which makes me grunt as my body spasms at the sharp sensation. The tip is so sensitive. ?Tasty. The other guests are busy mingling so we thought we?d take the opportunity to say hello. We?ll become? intimately acquainted over the next few days? I panic a little at that. Next few days?!I don?t have much time to ponder because just then, Malcolm takes my entire clit into his mouth and starts sucking. Hard.I shriek so loud the entire room goes quiet as the other guests? focus returns to me.Oh my god? I won?t be able to? Ugh.I grunt loudly as I cum almost immediately, Malcolm?s mouth suckling on my clit like a hungry calf.He doesn?t stop. On the contrary, he suckles harder and pulls my clit away from my body as he does.Is he trying to rip if off??Yeah! Suck her little cock!? A woman yells as the crowd draws closer once more.A plethora of similar sentiments ring out all over the room.?Suck it off!??Make her scream!??She grunts like a pig!??Fucking whore!??Don?t stop sucking!??Make it hurt!?All of those barely register for me as the sensation is now so acute it almost hurts.I start struggling, hoping to dislodge his mouth from my clit but then Arthur walks behind me and holds on to the rope on each of my thighs, rendering me immobile. ?Stay still, bitch. This is what you wanted, right? Now take it!.? He whispers into my year and his friend keeps sucking my clit as if drawing something out of it.?I want some too!? My eyes roll back in my head and I cum again.Sill, Malcolm doesn?t stop.?I want some too!? The woman from before, Sam, walks up.She kneels and sticks her face right beside Malcolm?s and proceeds to suck my clit right out his mouth.The sight is so erotic, for a few moments I lose myself and forget to resist.The crowd is cheering for them.Sam has a different technic. She?s sucking on my clit and rapidly flicking the tip with her tongue.She does that for a while before Malcolm takes a page out of her book and sucks my clit out of her mouth in return.Sam laughs.The crowd laughs.Malcolm is sucking hard again and the difference is enough to bring me back to reality.I?m just a toy to them.A fetish. A fantasy come true. This night is not about me at all. It?s about them.I want to say I?m not enjoying it.I want to say that I hate itBut I have never been a liar.I want to? I need to?I grunt low in my throat as I cum again, my entire body spasming as if I?m having a seizure while Arthur forcefully holds on to me.As I?m cumming, Sam and Malcolm start swapping my twitching clit back and forth. One sucking it out of the other?s mouth, each sucking on it for a few seconds.They keep going like that for a while and force two more orgasms out of me with the crowd cheering them on.Just as I?m approaching another orgasm, Rogan walks up again. ?That?s enough.? Malcolm releases my clit with a pop and everyone starts clapping.Fuckers.I?m panting as my clit visibly throbs catching several guests? attention.My head feels fuzzy. My eyes can?t focus.The tingle in my clit??Look at the way her clit twitches.??It?s so fucking big!??Like it?s begging for a mouth!??It still wants more.??Horny cunt.?They don?t care if I can hear them. At this point, I don?t think I even register as anything other than entertainment for them.It makes me apprehensive and thrilled at the same time? What the fuck is wrong with me?Rogan stops in front of me with his raging erect cock.That cock could? No. No.I need to control myself. That?s what put me in this situation in the first place.?I see our dream team got to you. Did you like it?? He asks staring right into my eyes with an intensity that seems inescapable, demanding an answer of me. He?s definitely a dom.Too bad I?m not a sub. At least not unless I choose to be.Slap.I shriek as my body jolts.He slapped my pussy. Again.?When I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Nod if you understand.? He says with an impassive expression. Slap. My body jolts again and I feel the sting of the slap before it warms up my pussy then makes my clit tingle.Rogan asks his question again as if I?m somehow slow in the head. ?Did. You. Like. It??I just stare at him and brace myself.Arthur holds me still, he too anticipating the slap.This time, he slaps my pussy three times in rapid succession, hitting my protruding erect clit every time.It pushes me over the edge and I plunge into the orgasm Malcolm and his hungry mouth left unfished.My eyes roll back and I grunt as I mindlessly hump the air, my clit visibly twitching. Through my blurred sight I see Rogan lung forward and I feel latch his mouth onto my clit.My body seizes up as he suckles on it, my mouth open in a soundless scream.He pulls on it hard with his mouth and lets it pop out of his mouth.I?m panting, whimpering slightly.Rogan stands up straight again, drool running down the side of his mouth and a wild expression of hunger in his face as he keeps staring at my pussy.My clit is twitching, still hard. The crowd isn?t laughing anymore. There?s tension in the air now.This is it. ?Now the real fun starts?, Arthur says from behind me still holding on to me.I look at the people surrounding me. Men jerking their hard cocks. Women rubbing their swollen pussies. They?re all frantic with anticipation.And Rogan?He makes me nervous.Where the crowd is restless, he stands in utter stillness.Only his erect cock is jerking. It looks so angry?He slowly drags his eyes away from my clit, running up my body until they lock onto mine. His face?"Move away, Arthur." He says to the man behind me.I feel him let go of me and step away. Rogan nods once and I guess that's the signal the camera woman was waiting for as the projector comes on again but on the opposite wall from me.I'm on screen.Rogan walks up to me and then around me. I can see him step up behind me in the screen.That's why they're projecting this onto the wall. They want me to be able to see."I suppose you've had enough foreplay." He then roughly shoves his cock into my pussy from behind and I gasp.I gasp as I watch it all happen and feel it too.It shouldn't feel this good...Thankfully, Malcolm and Sam made sure my pussy was pretty wet or this really would've hurt. My pussy has always been pretty tight.He groans and just stays buried inside me, his cock jerking.I can't drag my eyes away from the screen.I had always wanted to see that.Me. Bound and helpless.Legs spread wide open in front of a crowd with a cock buried in my pussy for everyone to see while my erect clit sticks out.This really is happening."Have at it." Rogan says. At first I'm confused but that quickly goes away as I watch Arthur lung at me.Shit.
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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