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My Mother is having my baby

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My Mother is having my babyThe seventies was a crazy time. That summer I had the sexual awakening of a lifetime. My Uncle Warren had given me my first blowjob, let me fuck his tight puckered butthole, gently fucked my young butthole.Then there was my sister KayShe taught me how to suck on her teenage clit, damn near suck the polish off her toes, and gave me my second blowjob. When my Mom found out she was pissed, not because I'd lost my virginity, she was pissed because she wanted it ask for herself. Just to recap who my mother could be an identical twins with, she looks exactly like Nina Mercedes. The porn star.After she'd calmed down, she made a man out of me.We smoked some pot, she gave me a lap dance, and fucked my nine year old brains out.Well about a month or so later we found out that she was pregnant, and that's where this story begins.So there we are in the doctors office, and Mom has this smile on her gorgeous face and when the doctor stepped outside for a minute my Dad told me congratulations and that he and Mom talked it over and for the next nine months that I would be swapping beds with him, because my Mom gets super horny when she's pregnant.So we all went out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate. My Dad ordered a pitcher of beer and a ginger ale for me, when it got to the table he switched my ginger ale with the beer and after about half a glass I was toast, we ate and headed home. Mom took me by my hand and led me to OUR room. When we started getting undressed my Mom leaned over and kissed me softly and said that she was in love with me.We got naked and she laid down on the bed, she reached into her nightstand and pulled out a skunky smelling joint and fired it up, as we lay there smoking and talking she repositioned herself so that her gorgeous toes were now playing with my cock, she pulled her right foot up to her lips and got it wet while she shoved her toes on the left foot into my mouth. Once we had her toes wet enough she wrapped all ten around my cock and leaned over to give me a blowjob at the same time. Now that's talent.. Needless to say I didn't last long, I came down her throat. I came down my moms throat!!!My Dad knocked and came in just in time for the show, he walked up to Mom and snowballed her, he ate my cum out of moms mouth.. He then asked me if it would be ok if he got a blowjob from me, after all, I was fucking his wife, I didn't tell him, but I'd seen him fucking my cousin Dorian, who by the way, I'm married to now, and had wanted to suck the skin off of that monster.So I try not to act too enthusiastic, but I ran my tongue under the head of his cock till he started leaking that sweet nectar like precum, then I was like a man possessed. I stretched my mouth to it's limits and barely managed to get 2/3s of it down my throat, I looked up atty him, he was eating moms butt and fingering her wet pussy and all of a sudden my Mom starts convulsing and then she squirted everywhere, on me Dad
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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