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Your First Taste....

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Your First Taste....When you walk in you are instructed to strip and drop to your knees as I hood, collar and gag you. I pull out the key to your cage and release your poor trapped cock as it slides out I blow creating a gentle breeze and tingle over it as I gently cup and caress your balls massaging them for the first touch of skin to skin contact they have felt in weeks?.I fill the palm of my hands with a warm vanilla oil and the scent fills your lungs as you take a slow deep breath in while I slowly but firmly grasp your manhood in my hands. After so long you need the soft loving touch and attention and I would never want to disappoint, after all taking good care of my toys is a very high priority. After a few moments of this I clip a leash to your collar and pull you up to your feet leading you over to the bed where I pull you in briefly your lips just out of reach of mine as you ache for more. My hand coming down the side of your cheek slowly and softly reaching your mouth and pushing the ball gag deeper into your jaw then down around your throat clenching down hard as I force you down on the bed and roll you over to your back.Again, you feel my touch soften as I run my fingertips down along your back just before they reach your quivering buttocks I pull away and you are laying there blind and still as can be ?. waiting?. wondering?. after what feels like forever you feel my breath warm against your skin while my firm wet tongue brushes over your tight little asshole and as you begin to groan I step back and you get the first taste of my favorite crop cracking down hard against your thigh and you squeal out just as quickly it comes back down again and again against your lovely smoothly shaved ass?.after 20 hard pounding lashes I lay the crop across your body stopping a moment to snap a photo of the red swollen welts covering your body.The scent of vanilla once again fills the room as you feel the warm drizzling as it runs down your spine?you feel the weight of my body against you as crawl on top straddling your hips and being to rub it deep into your skin from your fingertips to your buns? leaning forward you feel my chest pressing up against your back as I stretch to the furthest reaches of your fingertips my face burrowing into your neck as I bite down at the nape kissing and biting my way back down along your shoulder and down your back landing my final soft sweet gentle kiss on your red sore ass?I shift over now sitting alongside of you and reach for the purple velvet strap on taking, for now, a small curved plug and inserting it into the o-ring. Lifting your hips, I slide 2 pillows beneath them raising you to your knees as your head is bowed down shoulders resting on the bed beneath you.I ask, have you been a good boy for me and done exactly as you were told? But with the gag so tight in your mouth you can?t get out a single word .You feel my body behind you now as I stand tall on my knees behind you, my hands firm on your ass.?I asked you a question and I expect a proper answer!? And with that I raise my hand in the air and bring it down as hard as I can, cupping and cracking against your ass.?Yes, My Queen? you try so desperately to say but I can?t quite make it out earning you another smack, down in the same spot. A welt in the shape of my fingers is quickly begining to raise from your skin??Yes My Queen!? you try again in your muffled slobbering and you feel the wind as my hand comes up and back down again stopping just shy of your bottom and you wince in anticipation but it then comes down slow and caresses the newly aching curves on its way toward your nether regions.?That?s much better, my luv? spreading your cheeks apart I slide the tip of my strap on down along your crease until it finds that tight puckered opening. After a bit of oil is added I slide slowly into you, letting your body adjust and open up for me? I reach down between your legs and grasp your balls tight as I begin to pound hard into you. I pull tighter with each thrust in and out of that hungry little ass of yours while you rithe and scream in ecstasy?.You wave your hand with only 3 fingers up in your signal that you cannot take another second and I release, pulling out of you as you fall to your side flat on the bed desperately trying to catch your breath?. I remove your hood and gag as you gasp hard for the fresh air and freedom?. ?you are far from done my dear?? I tell you as I straddle your face taking away that freedom as quickly as you got it. As you go to town eating my wet cunt, tasting my skin for the first time, you bring your arms up pulling me into you deeper and deeper ?.?Just so you know, my luv, there have been 2 others before you today and I expect you to do a thorough job cleaning up after them. You roll your tongue and thrust it deep inside me as you lick what?s left of their cum out of me slurping and sucking and biting at my clit while I rock back and forth over your face till I cum so hard I can?t keep myself upright any longer and lay back on top of your chest .You are so focused on what is in front of your face, just out of reach that you don?t notice that anything is amiss till the flash catches your eye and you look to see my husband has been there the entire time videoing and photographing every moment?.Standing up I tell you "It?s his turn now?? assuming that I intend to ride his rock-hard dick now while you merely sit back and watch, you start to sit up?. until his hands grab your hips pulling you to your feet ? he grabs the back of your neck hard pushing you down so that you are standing, bent over the side of the bed, and without hesitation or prep he forces himself as deep inside your ass as he can go holding it there hard against your inner wall then pulls it back out slowly and teasingly then in again so slow you are dying for him to fuck you like you have always dreamed.Switching out the small plug from my harness, I replace it with a huge pink rubber cock then position myself on my back - legs spread beneath your head and get to work face fucking you till you gag while he pounds your ass long hard and fast. His hands are over your shoulders as he pulls you into his every thrust and you can?t hold it another minute as you squirt, cumming all over my thighs.?I never gave you permission to cum!??I am so sorry mistress, please forgive me, I couldn?t hold it in! Please!??Clean that mess up now!?I tell you as you lick up every drop from my skin just as he makes his final push into you and you feel his cock explode with hot gooey jiz filling your ass as he pulls out and it gushes out behind him all down your legs and you fall down to your knees panting.I throw a pillow and blanket down at you along with a towel and tell you to get comfortable ? that will be your bed for the night? there on the floor beneath our bed? and that is where you remain till morning while he and I lay naked cuddled in the soft roomy bed.
04-06-2021, at 10:06 PM

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