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Songeet Ramcharran

Post #1

Songeet RamcharranGary was a 28-year-old English teacher doing his best to make ends meet and living alone. He?d desired to meet ?the woman of his dreams?, marry and move out of his apartment into a nice-sized single-family house. Though Gary had typically been attracted to White women, seeing the film ?Towelhead? on HBO, planted a seed of fetishism for West-Asian women ? specifically Arab and Indian. Songeet was a second generation Indian-American whose family was of Panaji. She was a meek girl: not very tall, hourglass figure bordering on thin and always very quiet. She was quite pretty: long black hair stretching to the small of her back, soft curves and caramel brown skin. She was quite cute, but no one really talked to her much because of the language barrier. She was in America with her aunt, a cleaning woman in the local hospital. Her parents were still in India, but had sent Songeet for a better way of life. Over time, Gary began to fall in love with Songeet. He knew of the dangers of a teacher having a relationship with a student. He knew he?d be arrested and branded all sorts of terrible slurs. Unfortunately, he steadily became infatuated with Songeet ? even to the point of ignoring women in his own age group. Songeet would come from gym class reeking of body odor. Some students made fun of her. In that culture, they didn?t use deodorant. Early on, Gary disliked the scent, but over time, it became an irresistible aroma. He found himself leaning over her while she was working in class to sniff her hair unbeknownst to her. Compounding the issue was that Songeet was unintentionally flirtatious with Gary. She?d lay hands on his while he tutored her on grammar structure, always smiled at him and looked him deep in the eyes and when seated side-by-side, she?d sometimes lay her head on Gary. Gary tried to ignore his desires for her ? out of shame ? but whenever she was near him, he?d grow uncontrollable erections which he?d attempt to alleviate by shifting positions and loosening his pants. Eventually, he began to give into his desires. Gary secretly took pictures of Songeet in her gym uniform and in her best clothing only to return home and masturbate while thinking of her. Until he?d released seed on his knuckles, he couldn?t get her out of his mind. Songeet cared about her teacher. She?d even gotten him thoughtful cards during holidays. She asked him to tutor her privately, but said she couldn?t afford to pay him. Gary reluctantly agreed to do so, but only if she kept it a secret. The education department would never allow a teacher to do private tutoring unless the parents themselves had requested it and would supervise. It was about 5PM on a dark fall night when Gary answered his doorbell to see Songeet standing there with her books, in her sweatpants her tennis shoes and a big smile on her face. Come right on in my dear! Gary?s cock stiffened immediately. She wasn?t even dressed provocatively, but there was something about seeing the curve of her buttocks through those sweats that was an aphrodisiac. She wasn?t fat at all, but her hips hinted of c***dbearing capability.The originally planned hour-long tutoring session quickly became 2 hours and then 3. Songeet?s aunt wouldn?t miss her because she worked nights in the hospital, bug Gary assured Songeet he would drive her home. After she?d tired of studying, Gary and Songeet retired to the couch to watch Television. Gary knew he should take her home. He knew what could possibly happen, but he wanted it to happen and he didn?t do what he should have done. He wanted her right there with him. Yes he wanted to share time with her, quietly and privately, but the other mind in his underwear wanted to get inside of little Songeet squeeze semen into her. Gary?s hardon would not quit. As they sat together, Gary attempted to shift the lining of his underwear because he felt uncomfortable down there. He had to do it secretly because he didn?t want Songeet to see him struggling in his pants and think that he was planning her harm. Songeet leaned against Gary and rubbed her hair against his shoulder. Gary became frustrated. Songeet was forbidden fruit and she was so close to him he could taste her. He took a chance: he reached around her with his arm and gave her a light squeeze. She giggled a little. Gary and Songeet embraced each other. Gary couldn?t help himself, but as he hugged Songeet and rubber her shoulders, he began to kiss her. Songeet had never done this before. She kept her lips puckered. Gary used his tongue to parse them and as his tongue made its way into her mouth, he began to twirl her tongue with his. Completely lost in her, Gary reached towards Songeet?s left breast and began to rub it through her shirt. Songeet was enjoying this so much she didn?t even think to stop his progress as he lifted up her shirt and pulled up that half of her bra to free her. Her nipples swelled and he paused the tongue kiss to lick down her neck and sensuously make his way to the nipple. Gary sucked on Songeet?s left nipple and used his right hand to free the left. Gary laid her back against the couch and continued.At this point, the erection in Gary?s pants was completely engorged and now determined to take Songeet?s womanhood. He couldn?t stop himself if he wanted to. Gary returned to the tongue kiss with Songeet?s eyes closed. He reached down to pull down her sweatpants. Songeet continued to allow the progression without protest.With Songeet laid flat against the couch, Gary marveled at her body. She was perfectly shaped and incredibly gorgeous to him. She had on a pair of cheap, lacy, jade green panties on. There was some hair, but not much. Gary put his face between her legs. Songeet ? a bit embarrassed ? covered her face. Gary removed her hands and whispered: Don?t be shy?I love you Songeet. He then kissed her again and went back to her thighs. Gary jammed his tongue into Songeet?s wet snatch and let his tongue go wild. He licked her thighs, the hair, her wet hole and kissed her perfectly flat belly. Songeeta sighed and gasped as he did this to her. Gary brought her right to the point of orgasm and then she squealed as a rhythmic climax surged through her body. Songeet placed her hand atop Gary?s head, emboldening him to dig deeper with his tongue. Gary had finished his oral examination of Songeet and was quite happy with the results. He then leaned over her and positioned his body above her. Songeet still didn?t protest his actions. Gary had slipped off his pants and now his thick penis was prepared to penetrate little Songeet. Gary?s kinkiness led him to leave Songeet?s underwear on for the sex. He didn?t want to waste any more time getting them off. He felt the immediate urge to get inside of her. He spread her legs to the side and fed the spongy dome of his cock to her tight, moist cunt. Songeet had never done this before, never experienced anything like it and never viewed porn so she was completely new to the motions. She let out a loud ?aaaaahhhhhhhhhh? as Gary entered. Her pussy was so tight it was like a leather sleeve. She was so soft inside, she felt like velvet. Her pussy took Gary?s cock, but he could feel the bottom before he got the whole thing in. Gary pounded Songeet. Her cunt was so unbelievably tight it had literally snapped shut around his dick. Thank goodness she was thoroughly saturated with his saliva, or she?d have begun to chafe. Gary?s thrusting grew more urgent and his hand tightened around her hip as he drilled her pussy properly. The action and motion of Gary?s thrusts began to rip the edges of Songeet?s cheap underwear. Songeet did her best to maintain her composure as Gary penetrated her over and over and over. His penis was simply too big and thick. Songeet?s legs spread far and wide and Gary pushed deep inside her little body. With each pump, she could feel him knocking her down and some of her juices had begun to drip down onto the couch ? even though what was left of her torn panties should have sopped them up. All the while, Gary?s balls slapped and beat Songeet?s asshole with each return thrust. OH MY FUCKING GOD SONGEET, I?M GONNA CUM IN YOUR LITTLE PUSSY?Gary managed to pull the head of his penis out of Songeet at the moment the orgasm rushed through his body and caused his penis to tighten and begin pulsing liquid white hot semen from the tip. The pressure of the goo was so great that the initial blasts splashed Songeet?s neck and eye. Gary squeezed his penis with a death grip and couldn?t control the bucking of his hips forcing his cock to deliver an abusive pummeling to his wrist that poor little Songeet would have ended up taking had he not withdrawn. This rageful orgasm was so strong, he?d have fucked her right into the couch whether she could handle it or not. She?d have been stretched for good and definitely impregnated. Gary saved her from himself by pulling out.Gary grabbed some facial tissues and wiped the cum stains off Songeet?s face and stomach. So much seed had spilled on her ? it was some mess to clean up. Gary helped Songeet fix her clothes and then returned her home. They kept their relationship a secret.
04-06-2021, at 10:06 PM

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