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Daughter's Slutty Friend Ch. 01

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Daughter's Slutty Friend Ch. 01When I got the text from Paige, I laughed out loud. "What a slut," I thought. She'd sent me a picture of her tits practically busting out of this shirt she wore that buttoned all the way up. What a tease.Paige was 18, my daughter's best friend. They were in the same senior class, and did practically everything together. They loved to sunbathe in the backyard, oiled and shining, or jump on the trampoline, shrieking, their tits bouncing beautifully. Emily, my daughter, was gorgeous, tan with black silky hair and a toned gymnast's body. I caught other men looking at her often, and it made me proud?I'd often give them a wink and let them imagine what they would. She kissed me on the mouth, and her lips were always soft and tasted like her sweat. I loved to watch her, especially when she walked around the house in a shirt with no bra and pink panties that hugged her tan little body. Her best friend Paige was 5'6 or so, with the biggest milky white tits and strawberry blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back, blue eyes that sparkled and a cute little upturned nose. She wore one pieces but I could tell from the way she toyed with the straps that she was a hot little slut. The first time we'd been alone together, she made eye contact with me and grinned wickedly."Can I have a soda, Mr. Reed?""Sure," I said, pointing to the fridge. "Just think of this as your house.""Thanks," she said, opening the fridge and bending over. I couldn't help but watch her black swimsuit ride the two firm globes of her tight ass, the few stray pubic hairs that made my dick stiffen. She asked me for my cell phone number."My parent's want it," she said, popping open the can of Coke. "In case they need to reach you."It had been a week later, a week that I spent jacking off to the thought of Paige settling her pussy over my rigid cock, when I got the first message from her. I couldn't believe what I saw. Her tits looked perfect, firm and young. I could imagine their pert little nipples, so suckable."Mr. Reed," she wrote, "Seemed like U wanted 2 see more..""Show me those in person," I wrote back."LOL," she wrote, "maybe?"Hmm, I thought, the slut was shy. I started imagining scenarios to get her alone, how my daughter Emily, who was a hot piece herself, might fall asleep early or something and leave me to break in Paige. She obviously wanted this, but wasn't experienced. She would need me to show her the depths of her own desires, to allow her to act out her hidden cravings. I would make her my slut.I loved girls her age. They were playing around with being sexy before they knew what they were offering, t shirts that showed off their flat stomachs, their nipples stiff under their shirts and skirts so short you wanted to just flip them up and start kneading their teen fleshmeat. They walked together in packs, so much skin showing, holding hands, leaning in to each other, their tits thrust out. They drove me crazy, and driving to work I would have to take my cock out and rub it just watching girls walk into the high school. God I was going to fuck this girl, Paige, I vowed. My chance came sooner than I thought.The next weekend, Emily invited Paige over to spend the night after a party."Is that okay, Daddy?" Emily asked, chewing her gum. She was wearing a tank top that showed her bra straps and most of her breasts. They were smaller than Paige's but very firm and high. Her black hair was cut in a bob, and she played with the end of her hair as she waited for me to answer."Sure, babe," I said. "Anything you want.""Cool. We'll probably be home late. Don't wait up!"It was after 2 when I heard Emily's car in the driveway. I could hear giggling from my bedroom and looked out the window. Both girls were staggering around, drunk, holding each other up before bursting into laughter again. I could see Paige's long pale legs under a denim skirt, the deep v of her cleavage. Her hair was long and loose and I immediately imagined how it would feel wrapped around my cock, how I would jack myself with it, how I would twist her fine pink nipples until she begged for me to stop. I was hard instantly.I heard Emily setting up Paige on the couch with the extra blankets, and then they both started laughing even louder. I crept down the stairs to watch and couldn't believe what I saw. The girls were sitting on the couch, facing each other. Emily's dress was up round her waist, flashing her pink panties, while Paige's tank top was slipping off one shoulder, her tit threatening to pop free. Both had dreamy slutty smiles on their faces and I saw that they were each tweaking the other's nipple! The sluts! I groaned, imagining the guys they'd teased at the party, shaking their tits everywhere, maybe making out for them. Hell, I knew Emily loved to give head, and she had the mouth of a cocksucker. Maybe she'd sucked some guy off.The girls were giggling still, like it was a game they played often. Emily reached over and tugged the cup of Paige's bra down; releasing one of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. It was everything I'd dreamed about; fleshy, milk-white sphere with a hard nipple bright red and aching to be sucked. I reached down and unbuckled my jeans. Emily bent over and touched just the tip of her tongue to Paige's nipple; Paige shrieked and moaned and Emily laughed, opening her mouth to take in as much of Paige's titty as she could. She sucked it loudly, so I could hear the smacking noise her lips made on Paige's sweet tit flesh. Paige gasped and Emily sucked on her nipple, biting on it gently with her teeth. The nipple was rigid in her mouth, sticking straight out.Then Emily pulled her own dress down so just her breasts popped out over the low neckline. What a sight; two gorgeous 18 year old girls, ripe for fucking, one with a perfect huge tit out, bright red from being sucked, the other with both her hot tan tits out of her dress, tugging on her own nipples. My daughter smiled her wicked, no good smile. "Let's touch nipples," I heard her say."God," Paige moaned, "this is so weird!""Shut up," Emily said, smiling, flicking her nipples. "It feels good. So do it."They leaned forward until Paige's thick red nipple was touching one of Emily's pert brown ones. They rubbed them together until Emily let out a little gasp."My pussy's getting wet!" she squealed.That's my girl, I thought, running my hand up and down the length of my rigid cock. I watched Emily dip her fingers into her panties and come up with her fingers glistening and wet. She licked her fingers then ran them around her lips like lipstick. Then she leaned forward to give Paige a wet sloppy kiss. I could almost smell the wetness on her hands and on their mouths. Paige liked the kiss, I could tell, her whole body responding and her hand dropping to her own pussy. She rubbed herself under her denim skirt."Let me," Emily whispered, moving her own hand under Paige's skirt. Paige raised her hips to wriggle the skirt off, and Emily pulled down her panties too, revealing a hairy bush the same color as Paige's hair. I could see the shining pink folds of her teen pussy when Emily parted her lips and started moving a finger in and out. It got me so hot to see Paige's angelic face flush with desire and her mouth open like the slut she was. She needed a hard cock shoved up that pussy, whether she wanted it or not. Little did the two girls know what was coming...
04-06-2021, at 10:06 PM

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