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ZeldaZeldaMy family and I were at a bar in Sturgis when a fight broke out. My family may have started it. The fight was with another family that was amazingly arrogant and all had expected it would come to this since our first trip to Sturgis. They had made it obvious we were not welcome.It was puzzling because our families looked like mirror images of each other, ordinary people playing bikers. I had guessed that someone had convinced the other family they needed to strut their stuff in the town. I saw the one called Zelda jump on Mom?s back and begin to pound her. She was a very small woman dressed in black leather with tattoos on her arms and neck.I lifted her off Mom and put her butt on a table and told her to stay then told Mom to go to her room. As Mom began to leave Zelda charged at her again and I stopped her. She took a swing at me and hit me on the shoulder.I looked at her like she was demented, I was the biggest guy there and she may have been the smallest woman there. I saw some sanity creep into her eyes but she swung at me again. I put her in a bear hug.?How fond are you of air in your lungs?? I asked her.In answer she beat on my body and tried to knee me in the balls. I squeezed her harder and I saw panic creep into her eyes. I also saw cops coming in.I carried her to the outside patio and sat us at a table. There were beers there so I handed one to her and I held the other. When the police went past I asked them what was going on in there. He said, ?The usual, we are just making sure the war did not spill out here.??Why would anybody come here to fight???Exactly.?I looked at Zelda and she pretended not to have heard the exchange between me and the cop.The cops took several members of our respective families away and peace was restored.?You could have killed me.? she said.?Yes, but I?m not into that. You seemed to be seriously trying to hurt my mother so I did think about it for a second. What do you have against her???She doesn?t like me.??She does not understand your biker persona. She does not see that is not who you are. She really thinks you are a dangerous outlaw a****l.??And you don?t???No, my first guess was you were an elementary school teacher but have changed that to college English Lit professor.?I saw her eyes widen in surprise then consider throwing her beer in my face. I smiled and she grunted.?And what are you? A psychic???No, Psychologist.??And you want to talk me out of my violent behavior.??No, psychiatrists do that. I do research at the same university you preach Chaucer.??What??I smiled and finished the beer then belatedly remembered it was not mine and stood.I knew she knew we were colleagues. I was sure she knew we were in high school together. I was a football player and she was a cheerleader, the one that took the high risks in their routines. I was a sophomore and she was a senior so we moved in different circles but I had noticed the cute redhead and I was hard to miss.?Well, are you coming? We need to get our families out of jail.?She got up, growled at me and I followed her out.We were surprised to see our respective uncles put into the same squad cars handcuffed to each other.?Well some dreams come true.? I said.?What?? she asked.?My uncle Fred has had a crush on him for two years.?She laughed and walked over to them and said, ?You two behave and don?t try to talk the officer into leaving you handcuffed together.?Both looked at her in astonishment then looked at each other and burst into joyful smiles.?Excuse me, are these guys a couple? The officer asked.?They are now,? Zelda said.?OK, you two, out. I don?t want my squad car contaminated with the likes of you.?The four of us immediately knew the officer was gay. We thanked him and walked our uncles to their bikes.?Where are you going?? I asked.?We need to check out of our hotels, violent people stay there.?Zelda kissed her uncle?s cheek and my uncle looked like he expected a kiss from her so she giggled and kissed him too.?Well, that saved us money,? I said.?We can?t go get our families out of jail while we are together, we would be exiled if we did.??We will just growl at each other when we are at the station. That?s my brothers bike. We can ride it there.??Where is your bike???I don?t have one, I have an old Camry. I drove the van with the bikes here.??You don?t even bother playing the role do you???No, probably because I worry about how deeply ingrained people are to their roles.??That is a psychiatrists worry.??I know, I apologize.?I started my brothers Harley and she got on the seat behind me and we headed to the police station.Mom was there making arrangements to free our family from custody. Zelda?s Grandmother was there doing the same.Mom was taken aback when she saw my companion and showed definite fear of her. Zelda was crestfallen.?Mom, this is Dr. Elizabeth Carson, she is a professor at the University.??What? She is the one that attacked me. She should be in jail.??No, no one should be in jail especially Dad. Anyone here from the city would be glad to report that the well respected newsman was in a bar brawl with bikers. How would you like having him home all the time???Oh, well. I will keep quiet.?Mom gave me that smile that mothers give their son when they think he is taking on something risky but thinks he can handle it. I kissed her cheek.?How much is the bail?? Zelda quietly asked.?There is no bail. They are in court now and will be fined then released.??Oh, western justice. How are they getting home??I brought my SUV.??And I brought my van,? Zelda?s Grandma said.Zelda surprised Mom by introducing us to her grandmother. Mom and her grandma immediately began to share the grief their families had caused them.I learned from the grandma that the one that had started the trouble was the boyfriend of Zelda?s mother whom she obviously didn?t like. He had pushed Dad.I asked if they needed any help and they said no, that they had it covered.?In that case, bye,? I said and took Zelda?s hand and walked out.?Wait, wait, where are we going???To the restaurant at the west end of town. Brawling makes me hungry.??Breathing makes you hungry,? she said but followed me to the bike.We had a nice food and talked about our families and generally had an excellent non-date. Elizabeth was in her mid-thirties, a redhead with a naturally wound-up disposition. Her small size had more to do with her attitude than her red hair did however.She had a fabulous sense of humor and many freckles across her nose and cheeks she tried to hide with makeup.We had finished our food and beer for a while and were just talking when I said, ?I better get my brothers bike back before he sends an assassination squad after me.??What does you brother do???He?s a cop.??Oh, so is my brother. What does your uncle do???He is a cellist in the symphony orchestra. Yours???He is the stage manager at the playhouse. I am amazed they had never met.??Where would you like me to drop you off???My hotel, I don?t want anyone to see me hanging around someone like you.?I could hear her grin and felt her hands on my back for the first time on our ride.?Good, it would ruin my reputation to be seen with such an aggressive outlaw as you.??You know, I think I will drop the aggressive bitch part of my character. It did hurt me to see your Mom was really scared of me.??Thank you and may I suggest you try seductive bitch instead. Oww!??Sorry, but you bring out the violent bitch in me.?She leaned her body on mine and we rode on in silence.We did not say anything as she walked into her hotel, just stopped, nodded at me and smiled.I got back to the bar just as my brother got there.?I went to bail you out but saw you were already in court. By the way, the guy you were fighting is also a cop.??Really. Which station???Don?t know, go over and ask him.??He will throw a punch at me and we will end up back in jail.??No, he is under the same judge?s order as you, go ask him.?I left him there and walked to our hotel which was diagonally across the street from Zelda's.I wondered if she would be going to the big dance party/concert that evening.I had been fascinated with her for years. I had suspected she may have had some interest in me but we had never connected. It seemed that Sturgis was the only place we could ever be in the same room at the same time.The problem was I did not like the tough bitch persona she assumed while there. I knew that was not who she really was but was afraid there was some part of that in her real psyche.That evening, except for Uncle Fred who no one had seen since the fight, all my family went to the party and concert at Buffalo Chip. I saw my brother and Zelda?s brother greet each other formally. I saw their wives be friendly with each other. Neither wife had been present at the brawl.I looked around for Zelda until someone punched the back of my shoulder.?Well are you going to ask me to dance or not???If you promise not to hit me.??No promises,? she said and pulled me to the dance floor.Elizabeth had become a different persona, she was dressed in soft blue jeans and a western blouse. Her hair was in braids. She looked like an all american girl.I could dance thanks to Mom and my sisters. For a big guy I was light on my feet.?You are the best dance partner I have ever had. You must still be sober.??I wont be as soon as you let me go.??You just signed the- dance until you die- warrant.?I gave her a big sigh and stayed on the dance floor.A slow waltz began to play and she pressed her body to mine.?When you crushed me to death today, did you enjoy it???No, I thought I had a demented woman in my arms.??And now???I still think I have a demented woman in my arms but I am enjoying it some.??You are enjoying it a lot more than just some,? she said as she pressed her body to my erection.?That?s a gun,? I said.She giggled and settled into my arms softly but did not back away from my erection. The band began to play rock and roll and she started to walk off the floor but I kept her there and danced like no one was watching. Eventually she did too and we had a lot of fun.We were holding hands when we worked our way towards our families.?Your mother looks confused.??Yeah, she likes a peaceful world and knows you don?t. Either that or she is wondering where your tattoos went.??Non aggressive biker broads probably don?t wear tattoos so I rubbed them off. I assume you knew they were fake???Yes, the stuck up professor would not have any.??I am not stuck up!??One of your students called you a prune dried bitch.??I am not prune dried!??So you admit the bitch part???Well, yes; no wait. Demanding is a better word.??That role you play well. Still, you don?t seem to enjoy it that much.??It?s not a role, its who I am.??No, who you are is the funny person still holding my hand. This one knows she is smart, beautiful, and fun to be with.This is the woman I will ask to keep me company at symphony concerts and baseball games.??Taking me to baseball games would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.??Yes, that is a nearly historically bad team but they are learning and its still baseball.??Well, OK. Do you ever go to operas???A few, the classics. They don?t show up in the schedule very often anymore. You pick one and we will go.??I like the classics too but I do enjoy the comic ones. The Marriage of Figaro is coming in October.??We will certainly not have playoff games to got to so we have a date.?We had suddenly become a couple. That had been my wish for a while and apparently it had been hers too. As we reached my family I kissed Mom and she gave Elizabeth a small smile. We mingled with both families for a few moments but her Mom and her boyfriend were not there.We left the party before the concert even started and were driving towards a small bar on the opposite end of town that seemed to be normally populated by couples. Our uncle?s were there trying to look like they were not in love with each other.?Uncle Barney,? Zelda said to her uncle as she kissed his cheek.My uncle Fred turned his cheek to her and Zelda kissed him too but without a giggles that time.We walked past them and sat in a booth. Our hands separated and she punched my shoulder for letting go of it.I stuck my tongue out at her and she jumped on me and kissed me hard. When the kiss ended the waitress was at our booth.?Smelling salts please,? I said.?We don?t carry those although I see you need them. We do have draft beer,? the waitress said.?That and french fries would do,? I said.?Beer and onion rings,? Zelda said.After another kiss she said, ?I was married right out of high school, my husband did not like that I had a high school diploma and he didn?t so he left me in less than a year. To him I was putting on airs.I worked my way through college then taught elementary school until I got my PhD then moved on to the university.I am thirty-five years old.And yes, sometimes I do put on airs.?I kissed her softly then said, ?I am thirty four years old. Went to school for twenty years straight then got my mentors job when he retired. I have a lab at the university but I am just a visiting professor. I do teach one class of consumer psychology and the class on interpreting standardized testing.I mostly work for a business consortium that wants their products and their ads to have better appeal to consumers. I test the ads on the students and report back.?Zelda kissed me softly and said, ?I knew that. You are hard to miss.?We were kissing again when our beer and fries arrived.?You seemed to have recovered well,? the waitress said to me.?Not completely.??Hey, with any luck that will never happen,? she answered with a smile.?We feel lucky,? Zelda said.I kissed her again.The waitress was gone when the kiss ended. It lasted a lot longer than I had intended.We ate our fries and onion rings, drank our beer then shared some cheese covered concoction as we had another beer.We learned everything there was to know about each other, even the things our families did not know.Some revelations were embarrassing. I wondered if we would use the knowledge on future fights.?No, we wont use that knowledge on future fights, well except for the one that you never liked playing football. That is a strange thing to say by someone that was all-conference and second team all american. I am sure no one knows you ignored the invite to the NFL combine.??Mom does. The guys don?t and please keep it that way.??OK but it will cost you. I did see you play your senior year in the university. I went to games with Dotty Parker who became one of our Chemistry professors.She had me watch you saying you were the best player on the field. I did not know what a pulling guard was until then.We were in the same college graduating class but I did not make it to the graduating ceremony, I had to go back to work, elementary school was still on progress.During graduate studies Dotty told me you were a brilliant student and a very polite man. I thought she had a crush on you but it turned out she had a crush on me. And yes, we have.??Often???Rarely. Our relationship is platonic now.Anyway, all our fights will be physical and I will win all of them.??You little pipsqueak, I can lift you over my head with one arm.??Huh, right. Like you are The Hulk.?I stood and had her stand on the bench then put my hand on her ass and lifted her straight up as I held her steady by a leg.She squealed then said, ?You said you could do it with one hand.?I let go of her leg and we got applause. I flipped her up and caught her in my arms and we kissed. After we sat down the waitress came over with more beer.?Your uncles bought them for you. What possessed you two to try that???Oh, he just wanted his hand on my ass,? Zelda told her.?Guilty,? I said.The waitress laughed but was soon crowded out by people that wanted to talk to us. A few told me they were amazed she trusted me to do that.I then became amazed she had trusted me to do that.Then I remembered that in high school that would have been a tame stunt for her.By the time our admirers left Zelda?s hand was caressing my erection.?Your place or mine,? she asked.?Mine is closer,? I said.We said good bye to everyone and she kissed our uncles then we hurried to my room.We rushed to get naked then slowed down and just stared at each other.She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen naked.Her red pubic hair was a lighter shade than the hair on her head. Her tits looked large on her slim body. She was perfect.?That thing is going to hurt as it goes in, be gentle please,? she said.My cock was appropriate to my body so I had never thought about it as exceptionally large. Several women had told me they couldn?t wait until I slid it in them.Yet the most important woman in my life was afraid of it. Most women wanted me to just fuck the hell out of them. I needed to love Elizabeth.She was in bed, waiting for me. I slid onto the foot of the bed and kissed her thighs as I worked my way to her pussy. She groaned when I kissed it. I clamped my lips on her clit and began to write a poem for her on it with the tip of my tongue.I paused after her first orgasm then resumed as I slipped a finger in her pussy. As she enjoyed her next orgasm I slipped a second finger in.I fingerfucked her with both fingers for a while then resumed my poem. I had three fingers in her as she was consumed by her next cum.Leaving my fingers in her I kissed my way up to her tits and adored them for a few moments then slid my cock in her as I slid my fingers out.She moaned.I rolled us over and she was now on top with my cock buried in her. She kissed me over and over before she began to move.She had another orgasm.She began to kiss me wildly and began the fuck. She was frantic and went into a series of big orgasms that may have added up to seven or ten, maybe twelve.After the last one she gasped, ?Cum in me, fill me up.?I rolled us over keeping my cock in her but kept my body up, our only points of contact were our lips, her pussy and my cock. I took slow strokes as she tried to increase the pace from under me. I stopped.She groaned in frustration into our kiss but eventually stopped moving. I resumed the fuck and as she was plunging into her biggest orgasm yet I emptied myself in her.She pulled me down to her and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I tried to keep most of my weight off her body.I turned us to our sides and we kissed softly.A few minutes later I was surprised to see she was asleep. I got up, turned out the lights then cuddled next to her.Before I fell asleep I looked at her naked body next to me and thought, ?Excellent.? I managed to remind myself I needed to take flowers to Dr. Parker before I succumbed to slumber..Elizabeth was over my body when I awoke the next morning.?Did you want to see the parade?? she asked.?Not really.??Good,? she said as she slid my already erect cock into her then just laid on me with a sigh.?It?s amazing how hard it is to meet someone at our school,? she said. ?I have tried since I first saw you. When I saw you here last year I got in front of you often but you never saw me.??I saw you but I bought the mean biker chick persona and passed. I was very disappointed to see you that way. Imagine my surprise when after we got home I saw you were a non-tattooed professor at the school. In case you wondered, I was often right behind you in the corridors.?She kissed me and said, ?As I?m sure you suspect I attacked your Mom so you would have to rescue her from me. My attack may have looked fierce but if you ask her she will tell you I never did hit her. I fought you to prove to myself you were a gentle giant and panicked when I thought you could smell my pussy lubricate itself as you squeezed me. It took all my willpower not to embrace and kiss you as you carried me outside.I am in love with you which is OK since I suspect you are in love with me.??No, hell no. Well maybe. A little. OK, maybe more than that.?She smiled and we kissed and we fucked gently until we had orgasms but she continued fucking me even after my cock had slid out of her.I lifted us out of bed and went to the shower. We laughed and played then shared a toothbrush.Before she dressed I requested, ?Don?t cover your freckles please.?She immediately devoured me with a kiss.We were in a cafe before the parade was over so we easily found a table and ordered. She ordered more food than me, ate all of hers, then tried to eat what I had left.?I see breathing makes you hungry too.??High metabolic rate. The women in my family have high speed internal engines then we just stop and go to sleep. Last night I didn?t want to go to sleep before we made love again so I was surprised to see it was morning.??My body has a steady but somewhat revved up metabolic rate. Our differences there are unlikely to lead to murder.??Are we going to get married or live in sin???Both, live in sin until our families understand then marry. That should be sometime around Labor Day weekend.??Sounds good to me. Tell me about your house.??Two bedroom townhouse with a patio and a two vehicle carport about twenty minutes from campus. And yours???I live in a fine large house but unfortunately my divorced older sister and her two teen daughters live there too. I will be moving in with you as soon as we get back.??Thank you.?Apparently the parade was over and people began to fill the place. I saw that Mom and Dad were searching for a place to sit so I stood and waved them to us.Mom did not seem surprised to see me with Zelda and simply said ?Good morning, you missed a loud parade.??We did not miss the loud part. Dad this is Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Dad.??Wow, a celebrity. Very happy to meet you sir. I am a loyal viewer.??Thank you, it helps the ratings. Mom tells me you work at the university too. Did you know each other from there??Mom said, ?No, she attacked me yesterday so he could rescue me from her. At the concert last night I saw it had worked as she planned.??Well, that was better than the s**thing letter you sent me about my on air manners,? Dad said to Mom.?All of it was true and you know it but really I still don?t understand why I put my number on the letter. I am still shocked you called me and asked for a date.?I explained to Zelda, ?Dad had gone to her house to cuss her out then saw her and fell in love. He called her the next day and asked her out. History began on that date.? Mom and Dad ordered then Mom asked, ?When is the wedding??Elizabeth was stunned by the question and stammered, ?I, I, have to talk to Mom first. She does not know about us.??Sure she does. We talked about the two of you after you left together last night. Nice woman, we are already friends.??Labor Day weekend maybe. I really need to talk to her.??She will be here in a minute. By the way her boyfriend is now an ex-boyfriend. She decided she did not need the aggravation.He got into another fight last night and no one is paying his fine because this time for him it is not a token amount. Apparently he has a long record in this town. He will still be in jail when we leave. As it turned out his animosity towards us stemmed from a beef against your lover here. Apparently their high schools are rivals on the football field and his team lost every game while his son played there. Apparently my little boy here flattened his son on a regular basis. He blames those meetings for his son not getting the athletic scholarship they expected. Your Mom just found all of that out last night.?As if on cue a small redhead woman walked towards us and kissed Elizabeth and Mom then me.?Were you talking about me?? she asked.?Yes,? we all said.We laughed as the waitress brought Mom and Dad?s food then asked if she was ready to order. She ordered the big breakfast and Elizabeth ordered hash brown potatoes and a sausage gravy biscuit.?You just finished eating a big breakfast,? I said.Her mother said, ?Oh, good thinking. Add hash browns to my order please,? she told the waitress.I tried to resist but ordered hash browns too. And a biscuit with sausage covered with gravy.Before we left the place our wedding was planned, bridesmaids selected, the reception hall agreed upon, and a catering service chosen.Dad was going to be my best man.Elizabeth decided her gay uncle would give her away.That made her mother, his sister, cry.After we left the cafe Elizabeth?s Mom Beth, Mom and Dad went to watch some contest while Elizabeth and I returned to my room and fucked to celebrate our engagement.Neither of us saw much of our families for the remainder of our stay.We were living together the same day we returned home and much to the surprise of no one so were our respective uncles. We married in a simple ceremony.Our reception turned into a wild loud party and when it ended our two families were one.We knew we were with the person we were meant to be with for the rest of our lives. I enjoyed being attacked often and she was right in thinking she would win every fight.I was hers to do as she pleased.I loved what she pleased.Elizabeth told me the main question her girlfriends asked about me was the size of my cock followed by how could she possibly accommodate it.Her answer was, ?Practice, practice, practice.?
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