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Cindy Part 2

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Cindy Part 2Voyeurs Come KnockingIt was late and Cindy had just got home from work dressed in a skirt, blouse, and heels. Just as she was about to walk in the three voyeurs came around the corner.?Hey look here it?s the show girl, so you want to put on another show for us tonight?Cindy was a little afraid and then again a lot more excited as they all looked rather nice so she sort of played along.?Sure come on in boys and let?s get started? She could not believe she said that but what the hell let?s see where this goes.They all went into the small living room and the fellows sat down on sofa and chair. ?Okay let?s see you strip like you have been doing the past couple of weeks. We know you know we watch you at night and the other night was just too much. After that fist action you got to do something for us or we will go crazy.?Cindy had thought about taking on more than one man on occasion when she masturbated but she had only fanaticized about it. This was three men and she was not sure but maybe.?Come her cutie I want to feel your body next to me? and with that he grabbed her and pulled her close and kissed her deep slipping his tongue into her mouth and dancing with her tongue. She liked the feel of his hands and his body next to her and when his tongued entered her mouth she just gave up. Her mind raced with the excitement of the situation and her body craved the feel of a man?s hands and cock. She wanted them all.He kissed her long and hard and could feel his cock grow. One of the other fellow came over and kissed the back of her neck and then took off her jacket and then unbuttoned the skirt, slid it down. The other fellow was unbuttoning her blouse and taking it off. Then he undid the bra, and as it fell away he and the first fellow each kiss and began to suck on a nipple. They were holding and squeezing her tits first softly and then harder as they sucked the nipples deep into their mouths. The sensations of pleasure raced through her body as the nerves in her nipples were excited and the tits were squeezed hard. She reached up and held each head to her breast and moaned.The third was not taking off her panties but leaving on the stockings. He kissed her ass and let his tongue trace down each leg as he took off her stocking. She quivered as he kissed her bar ass and parted her cheeks to kiss even deeper. The feel of his tongue running up her crack sent a tingle up her spine and she moaned quivered and arched her back. One backed off and stripped his clothes off exposing a very nice erection and a big set of balls. He came back and slid he cock between her legs. Then the other two seeing him strip also stripped.The feel of his cock between her legs sent her into ecstasy and she wanted more. She got her wish as one now attacked her tits, sucking and biting each in turn. Another was licking, sucking and probing her hot, wet pussy. He had found her clit and was sucking very hard and biting it. The third was sucking biting probing her ass. He had spread her cheeks and was licking and fingering her little rosebud of an anus. The thrill of all the sensation came together she had an orgasm and every muscle in her body tightened and quivered.When they felt her orgasm they lost control too and made her move to the sofa. One sat down and forces her to sit on his massive cock. The other slipped first one then two and finally three fingers in her ass. As he pulled them out he lubed his cock and slipped it into her from behind. The third fellow was standing on the sofa and tilted her head back as he pushed his hard cock past her lips.She was going crazy with sensations the feel of the forced entry of a large cock into her pussy. She was hot and wet but still it was big and there was some pain at first. As soon as the pain in her pussy was replaced with the pleasure of a large cock rubbing the interior of her pussy, she felt fingers probing and entering her ass. She had had anal sex a couple of times but not like this. Then the pain got even greater as her ass was stretched and then she felt a big cock head pushing against her and when it popped into her she moaned and screamed. She now could feel both cocks in her and she felt them rubbing in her against each other. Finally the third fellow grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and pushed his cock into her mouth.It tasted good, salty and she sucked and played it with her tongue.Now there were three men fucking her with desire and passion. She could not tell which caused the most pain or pleasure but she started to have a wave of orgasms and her whole body convulsed as she moaned and bucked and arched her back. The cocks were pumping in her pussy, ass and mouth all at the same time. Then as she was having her forth, or was it the sixth she could no longer tell, orgasm the men started to moan and then they all climaxed together.It was the most exciting sensation she had ever experienced. Three men were now shooting cum in her pussy, ass and mouth. She was swallowing and choking on the loads of cum hitting the back of her throat. She felt her pussy fill with hot sticky cum and it started to ooze out as her ass was filled with cum she felt it go deep into her. This went on for more time than she could tell and the orgasms came one after another. Cum was now coming out of her mouth, her pussy and her ass.They had spent their loads and now the massive cocks were shrinking. She could feel them soften and slid out of her ass and pussy. She sucked on the cock in her mouth till the last drop had cum. They all collapsed on the sofa in a pile of naked and near naked bodies.I was a great feeling she had and she thought she might like to do it again with a twist maybe. An orgy might be in order next time.This story was written as a request for a woman. She actually did the fisting after she read the story and she did get a dp but so far has not gotten 3 or has not told me she has.
04-06-2021, at 10:06 PM

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