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Hot Dream

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Hot DreamJust thinking about the dream I had this morning .... guess it is because i really want to experience this I keep dreaming about it. Even right now, remembering my dream, I feel my cock swelling and stiffening in my shorts, my balls tingling just a little ... I just reached down to squeeze it to see how big it has gotten and it felt very nice.In my dream I was wondering what it would be like to be sucking another guy, he was uncut, like me. I was softly teasing around and under his balls, while slowly and softly stroking him. I started sucking on his semi hard cock that I had been teasing and edging for a while, feeling and watching it grow in my hand and mouth as I teased the foreskin back and forth, nibbling and suckling softly, and then slowed and stopped to watch it soften some only to start again. But now I wanted to stroke and suck it good and hard and wet and finish him off. As it grew, I started jerking it faster, the tip just inside my mouth, feeling that foreskin sliding over my tongue and to my lips, back over the head to allow me to lap at it and then cover it again.Nibbling away and softly sucking on his foreskin as it moved ever so slightly back and forth with my lips on it, my tongue darting out and teasing it and the very tip of his head, tasting his precum, he looked down and saw my shorts starting to bulge and my cock twitching inside them as I was getting so excited sucking on him, he reached down and gave me a squeeze, keeping his hand on me and slowly stroking my cock through my shorts and letting me follow his slow pace, I teased at his tip and sucked him into my mouth ever so slightly, my hand sliding up and down his cock, feeling his balls tightening a little. I continued playing with his balls the whole while, looking up and letting a small smile appear as my lips surround the swelling cock. I knew he was going to shoot soon, tasting more of his sweet precum, balls tightening even more, his moaning, his hand tightening his grip on my cock still in my shorts, and I could feel the cock starting to swell even more in my mouth and then jerk as a first shot exploded into my mouth as I was sliding the cock out - hot and thick on my tongue, then several more rapid streams shot out landing on my lips and face as I continued to stroke him, letting his balls bounce into the palm of my hand below. It was so hard! so hot! I didn't know what to concentrate on - the taste and feel of his cum inside my mouth, cooling, but still warm and sticky, the smell of his cum on my lips under my tongue, or the feel of his still hot jizz on face, imagining what I looked like to him, covered in his cum, or the cock, still twitching in my light grip as I continued soft slow strokes, sliding the overhang slightly back and forth, but mostly covering his head, still filled with more cum. I knew what I wanted and lowered my head back down to take him in my mouth again to gently suck and milk him slowly into my mouth, to finish him off while enjoying my first real and complete blowjob and tasting of and swallowing a good part of a full load that had been worked up over a long edging session.
04-07-2021, at 10:50 AM

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