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My cute lil slave

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My cute lil slaveI am Sonia, a single woman living in Bangalore, India. I want to share this story which am sure will make a passionate reading... Three years back, I lived in a two bed room apartment. One day at work, one of my colleagues asked if I could have a girl at my place, from her town, as guest for a month, as she will be in the town for some training she needs a place to stay... the she was from a small town, about an hour drive from Bangalore. As I am very particular about discipline and cleanliness, I made a few conditions along with, she should not bring in friends when I am away or bring non-veg food home... My colleague said she is from my social set up with my kind life style, so it won't be difficult for me to have her at my place and also said she is a very timid, shy and loving girl. I agreed to have her for a month.The girl moved in and I found her true to what I was told... she was cute looking, chubby slightly on the heavier side... she would help me in the chores, went out and come back on time... her ways were almost like mine... going for walk in the morning, singing prayers... I found her very comfortable to stay with, by the third day I felt we were living together since a long time...A couple of days later one evening I called her to tell her that I will be back late in the night as I was going out for dinner with my office team... and asked her to have dinner and sleep... It had rained in the evening... when I reached home I found that she had slept so I went to my room and retired for the day. The next day was Saturday, I woke up late and found she was still sleeping... she had to go for her training that day... so went and knocked the door... she took a while to open the door... she was very weak struggling to walk... I torched her hand... she had slight fever... I asked her to get fresh and I went to bring her a glass of hot milk and a pill for fever... when I came back she was back sitting on the sofa... she drank the milk and took the pill. I sat next to her caressed her forehead asked her to relax... she held my hand and asked if she could lay down on my lap... I felt a little girl is asking me, I agreed.Gently took her on my lap and caressed her forehead... she had a shawl to cover... she held my hand and slept like a baby... I was feeling bored so leaned forward to take the remote controller of my TV... when my breast pressed her face... it was a very awkward moment for me... I was to apologize... she suddenly pulled up and hugged me tight... without being aware I hugged her too... it took a few seconds for both of us to recover from that act... when I recovered I felt her face on my neck... my breast pressing her's... I tried to pull out when she whispered... "I am a motherless c***d... she died when I was 3 days old... I was brought up by my father and grandmother who are very strict... I don't remember touching them..." I could not resist... I wrapped her in my arms as though I had found my lost c***d... I heard her sobbing... I pulled her out and lifting her face asked what the matter was... she continued to cry... I hugged her back and gently asked her to tell me what the matter was... I felt she was hesitating to speak... I rubbed her back to encourage her to speak out... when she spoke I was surprised to hear he asking... "are you a lesbian"?I didn't not know what to say! Of course I had some fantasies with a younger girl... but would never approach someone who I knew through a colleague... I said "let?s not talk about it"... She had hit the soft spot... she asked "will you be my mamma... I promise it will be between us... I can?t tell anyone either"... I didn't say anything... took her to her room... tucked her in the bed and came out to attend to my work... At lunch time I went to see her... she was sleeping... I was about to step out and close the door when I heard her calling "mamma"... I was losing my control... I turned back and said "yes dear"... her arms were stretched out to hug me... I ran and took her in my arms... I sat on the bed leaning to the back rest... held her in my arms... we were looking into each other's eyes... By then I had realised she had no fever... I said "your temperature is normal... what happened... did you get drenched last evening?? she said... ?since the day I met you I had fever... I was suppressing my feeling to express my desire for you... that had shot my body temperature"...I caressed her check and her mouth opened... we were understanding each other without any words... I opened my waist band of my gown to expose my chest... her eyes were hungry for my nipple... her mouth opened... I lifted my left b**st and placed the nipple in her mouth... she latched on to it and started sucking like a hungry baby... it was so relaxing... so pure... so loving passionate... beyond words... I didn't feel the hot lesbian feelings... it was pure care and love... Gradually I found she had stopped sucking... I realised she had fell asleep... I tried to pull her out... my nipple fell out of mouth... "uummm" she said took the nipple back in her mouth and went back to sleep... I held her in my arms... after a while I realized I was sleeping too... she had already awake, but was still in my arms... I looked at her... she had put her head down looking at my chest... she as covering my chest with my gown and tying my waist band... I was observing... she was doing it as though it her precious possession... I was smiling at her c***d-like behaviour... then she looked at me and said... hence forth they are mine... I asked her how sure she is that I will agree to that... her face was saddened... she sat looking at the floor... I didn't know how to handle this in the future... I remained silent...She was turning out to be exactly what I had fantasised (little i****t lesbian young girl who would suck my boobs like a daughter... play and explore my body, I would just lay down and let her play like a little girl... the problem was I wanted a bit more than that... someone who would shave my p**** and give my o**l)... I couldn't open up with her... I was afraid she would think I was looking for a slave... It was difficult for me... my fantasy was a difficult one it looked like a slave and master... I would never get into pain, hurting insulting, beating, such acts... It was love passion, romance, hugging, fondling but NO KISSING ON LIPS...I wanted someone to serve my body and in turn I would treated her like my little baby... we would be nude always... bathe together... sleep hugging each other all night... one would sleep sucking the nipple of the other... I loved fat people that she was... her muscles would floated when she walked... We had lunch together without speaking a word... I had a strict face to avoid any conversation... I wasn't sure what to do... she was stealing a look of my face once in a while and then look away disappointed... after eating we cleaned up the place together and then went to our rooms...I could sense that she wanted to come to me... she was forcing herself to her room... I wanted to pull her into my arms hold her and speak my heart out... I was scared that she would think I am a cheap person who wants to get l*cked but doesn't to it, who wants to get shaved doesn't to it... doesn't kiss her partner on lips... what to do that's the way I was... I had lost a few girl friends because of this...Believe me I never had contempt to my partner or looked at her as a slave... all I wanted was to love and pamper the girl who would serve me. I wanted to cook and feed food my little girl... kiss her eyes put her to sleep with my nipples in her mouth and hold her in my arms as long as she would sleep... I entered my room and closed the door behind me... I wanted to go back to her... I sat on my bed... didn't know what to do... I was sitting there for a long time... my mind was blank... I didn't want to lose this girl... I was thinking ?am I selfish?? I had tried to give o**l to one, and kiss another of my ex-girl friends, I couldn't... I had lost them... probably I didn't communicate properly... I could compromise on shaving... it was not so important...I took a paper wrote my feeling, desires, fantasises, even the previous failed relations because of my short coming/limitations... went to her room... she was sleeping... kept it on the table and come out... when I was closing the door behind me, I felt she was pretending to sleep while I was in the room and woke up after I came out... I didn't look back... walked strait to my room closed the door... I was over whelmed... I tried to sleep fully covered in my blanket... tears were rolling out of the corner of my eyes... I stayed like that for a while... suddenly I heard the room door open... I didn't move... she came closer and sat on the bed... touched me gently on my shoulder over the blanket and started to walk back... I pushed my blanket to look at her... she was standing looking at me with a paper in her hand... "I came with a reply" she said extending her hand towards me... I got up and sat leaning on the back rest... still looking at her... her face was blank... I felt that she, like others, has stepped back... hesitating I extended my hand to take the paper...Next... what I saw and heard was unbelievable...She dropped the paper from her hand... removed the waist band of her gown and the gown fell on the ground... she was standing there shark naked... her body was like... I said not realising "I don't want anything more"... I was looking at all the flesh and love handles with my mouth opened when I heard... "it's 4.30 in the afternoon and I haven't had bath"... I looked at her cute face which had a naughty smile... I jumped out of the bed leaving behind the blanket... my gown was stuck under the blanket exposing my bushing triangle between my legs and my thighs under the waist band... she came closer held my shoulder with one hand and bush with the other and whispered in my ears... "mamma you need shaving".I melted in her arms... she held on to me and made me sit on the bed and sat next to me... I was still leaning on her chest... I hesitantly asked her... "do you accept me the way I am"... she said "I am your i****t daughter who wants to be submissive to her mother and do whatever she wants"... with great relief said "I got the daughter I was looking for" and looked at her face... tears were rolling down her cheeks... she brought her face closer to mine and gently said "I got the mother I was looking for... my mamma"... I started crying uncontrollably... my face was against her bare chest... this time it was her turn... she gave her nipple in my mouth and whispered in my ear... "I am with you, suck it, forget the world and relax mamma... you are too tired"...
04-07-2021, at 10:50 AM

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