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Sams lesbian encounter IV

Post #1

Sams lesbian encounter IVA full body orgasm ripped through Sam as Mary licked her swollen clit. Legs wrapped tightly around Mary's head, Sam thrashed about on the wooden bench. When it ended Sam's numb body fell limp. Mary raised her head, wiping the sticky liquid from her face into her mouth. She watched as Sam's emotions washed through her head. A combination of laughing and crying, Mary smiled pleased with herself. She sat quietly rubbing Sam's abdomen softly as she came back to earth. Catching her breath Sam opened her eyes and looked around. Seeing Mary, she began to sob again. Leaning forward Mary kissed Sam's lips softly. Sam smiled and asked what was that. Rubbing her cheek with the back of her fingers, Mary asked was that your first. Nodding her head, Sam said yes. First time ever. Stroking Sam's forehead and face Mary said I'll let you get dressed, and stepped out of the dressing room. Running her experience through her head, she asked herself what just happened. Pulling her panties up, she flinched as they pressed against her swollen vagina. Her nipples tender from pulling on them hurt some as she hooked her bra. Body still weak from her orgasm, she moved slower than usual as she finished dressing. Picking up the swim wear, she exited the room and headed to the sells floor. As she came to the register, Mary smiled and asked, which one would you like. Still a bit confused Sam handed the floral print one piece. Handing Sam the bag with her purchase, Mary caressed her hand and said if you have any questions don't hesitate to come back. As she headed home Sam pressed her hand between her legs and squeezed them together. A warm feeling built deep in her and felt her heart beat faster. Entering her house, she dropped her purchase and ran to her room. Ripping her clothes off she laid in the center of her bed. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Reaching down she tried to play what she experienced in her mind. Wetting her fingers she ran them down her soft lips. Surprised to find she was wet, she slid a finger between them and pushed in. As she moved her finger in and out slowly, with her other hand she rubbed her clitoris. It wasn't long before she felt an orgasm building. Soon she began to feel her finger being covered with liquid. As it washed over her she allowed herself to scream with pleasure. After resting a minute she ran a bath. Laying in bed after dinner she thought about her day. Smiling to herself, she knew what she was going to do. She waited a few days before taking the bag from the store in hand and headed downtown. Walking through the womans department, she looked for the woman that helped her earlier. Rounding a corner she spotted Mary. She felt her nipples stiffen as she watched her. When she was free Sam knew it was now or never. She tapped the woman on the shoulder and said I was here a few days ago. Mary smiled and if there was a problem with her purchase. Sam said, I'd like to return this and see some bikinis. Smiling Mary said let me get you a store credit while you look at the different types of bikinis. After a few minutes Mary returned and asked if she had something in mind. Flashing a smile Sam said yes, in fact I do. Picking a couple of styles, Sam said I'd like to see these. Perfect, Mary said. If you like follow me to the dressing rooms. As they stood at the door to one of the dressing rooms, Mary looked at Sam's choices. Looking up Mary said I'm afraid these are a bit large for your frame. Opening the door, Sam said, I didn't say I was going to try them on. Mary looked confused just before Sam pushed her in and locked the door behind them.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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