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Watching the Boys Part 6

Post #1

Watching the Boys Part 6I laid there in the hot confines of the garage rafters recovering fromthe ejaculation I had while I watched Jamal and Jonny, a boy I'd fantasizedabout for so long, get fucked on the washing machine. And the worst partabout it is that the boy begged for Jamal to fuck him. My mind swirledwith the comments I heard during the fucking. Jamal was going to go afterBen! And his best friend Jonny was going to help him!I grabbed Bryan's suitcase, what I originally came up to get, anddropped it down to the garage floor. I slowly climbed down from my perch,grabbed a rag to clean up the cum that was all over my belly. I pulled upmy sweat pants and headed out of the garage. With suitcase in hand, Iheaded back to the main house.Upon exiting the garage I was immediately overwhelmed at the displayof young boy and teen flesh filling the backyard. Ben and Bryan's friendscavorting around the backyard and in the pool. Some boys wore nothing morethan Speedos while others were wearing board shorts. As I made my wayacross the lawn towards the main house, I stayed focused on the slidingglass door so I wouldn't get distracted and start to perv out. I'd justcum watching Jonny get fucked, but I didn't want to risk getting hardagain.I finally made it inside the house closing the patio door behind me."Safe. Head upstairs, drop off Bryan`s suitcase and finish preparingfor this weekend's trip." I thought to myself trying to stay focused.I headed upstairs to Bryan's room and made it to the top of thelanding when I spotted the towel. It was the same towel that Jonny hadused to cover himself laying in the hallway in front of Jamal`s roomfurther down the hallway. His bedroom door was partially open as I stoppedin front of Bryan's room.Bryan's bedroom door was the first door on my right and I was about toenter the room when I heard the distinct sounds of a boy moaning on theother side. I could also hear the muffled sounds of flesh slapping alongwith a deep voice murmuring in the background. I couldn't make out whatwas being said. I gently tried the door knob but the it was locked. Icould only stand there and imagine who was fucking Bryan in his own bed,making a mess of his Sponge Bob sheets. No doubt it was Uncle Dee. I leftthe suitcase outside Bryan's door still hearing the low moans of fuckingmixed in with an occasional high pitched yelp coming from behind the closeddoor.Just as I started down the hallway Jonny came out of Jamal's roomwearing a pair of white Speedo's that I'd seen Bryan wearing. The sight ofhim in just those skimpy white Speedo's took my breath away. He was alsosporting a nice erection that stretched the material to the limit. Hiscock angled snuggly to the left in the suit's tight confines, a noticeablewet spot near the head of his penis made the mushroom head clearly visible.The only other thing he was wearing was a big smile across his face as hewalked past me like it was a normal thing."Hi Frank." Jonny said as he quickly passed me in the hallway headingback downstairs. I watched him walk away, his teen ass cheeks looked sodelicious as they bounced out of sight in those tight white Speedos. Ialso noticed a wet spot on his ass where Jamal's cum had leaked out. Myhead was starting to spin as I braced myself against the wall. The sightof Jonny's cute bubble butt in those white Speedos was too much for me.As I paused in the hallway trying to regain my composure, I heardgiggling coming from Jamal's room. It couldn't be Bryan, he was gettingfucked in his bedroom by Uncle Dee. It was definitely the sound of a youngboy. Jamal's bedroom door was ajar so I quietly crept closer and peekedinside.It was Jeffy. His back was to me, standing at the foot of the bedbetween Jamal`s large muscular thighs. Jeffy was also wearing a pair ofthose tight white Speedos."What's with those white Speedos?" I thought to myself as I watchedJamal's large black hands slowly encircle, then caress Jeffy's smooth back.His manly hands contrasted against Jeffy's smooth white skin."Mmmmmm..." I could hear Jeffy moan out as Jamal's hands lowereduntil both hands where massaging the boy's spandex covered ass. It wassuch a sight to see as Jamal work those small boy cheeks, like a master atwork. And Jeffy sounded like he was enjoying Jamal's manipulations too."You like that baby boy?" I heard Jamal say as he hooked his fingersinto the sides of Jeffy's white Speedo's. worked them down his smooth boylegs, until the white suit dropped to his feet, exposing Jeffy's amazingboy ass to me. Then I noticed Jamal's body shift as he did something Icouldn't see. I then heard a slurping noise and Jeffy's body stiffenfollowed by a loud grunt."Uuuuuugh...yeah daddy J, suck me!" Jeffy gasped. The slurping noisescontinued for a few more moments as Jeffy's butt flexed forward underJamal'a hands. Suddenly Jamal pulled off the boy."At this rate, your never gonna get to wear your new Speedos my littleboy slut." I heard Jamal say as I watched his fingers start to dig intoJeffy's boy crack searching for the boy's sphincter. Jeffy arched hisback, opening his ass up for Jamal's probing digits. Soon, the boy gruntedas one of the fingers found it's target. I watched in amazement as Jamal'sthick finger sank easily into the boy, his hole being already stretched outfrom their previous encounter in the spa earlier that day."Uuuuungh" grunted little Jeffy, as he felt Jamal work a second fingerinto the boy. As Jamal did this I noticed a clear liquid start to leak outaround Jamal's fingers. Then it became thicker with a bit of white mixedin as he continued to finger fuck the boy. Then it hit me, it was Jamal'sown cum that was leaking out of him.As Jamal worked the boy's ass with one hand, he reached back with hisother hand and was fiddling with something on the bed. Then his other handreturned with something in it."I wasn't able ta give ya a bump in the spa, but I think you've earnedit now boy." Jamal quickly removed his two fingers then popped the whitenugget inside the boy's loosened asshole, quickly re-inserting his twothick fingers. Shoving the nugget deep into the boy's colon. Jeffy letout a loud boyish squeak at the sudden intrusion as Jamal worked hisfingers around inside the boy, getting the nugget to dissolve in his ass."AAAAAAAAH! IT BURNS J!!!" Jeffy yelled out as he squirmed onJamal's thick fingers. The burning feeling of the dissolving nugget of Thad Jeffy`s ass clenching and unclenching on Jamal's large digits as theboy's body tensed up with the overwhelming sensations rippling through him."UUUNGHAAAGH! BURNS! Mmmmmaaagh!" I could see Jeffy's chestbreathing heavy as his body trembled from the continued discomfort."Your doing good my little slut boy. " Jamal said reassuringly as Iwatched him start to slowly finger fuck in and out of Jeffy's ass. More ofJamal's cum, mixed in with the boy's natural ass juices started to trickledown Jamal's hand and wrist."Trust me, It'll get better." I heard Jamal murmur as he easilyslipped in a third finger. Jeffy could only answer with a grunt as his asswas stretched even further."Uuuuuuungh..." Jeffy panted as Jamal's three fingers really startedto work on the thirteen year olds stretched out ass. From my vantage point Icould see the boy lean forward against Jamal as he tried to steady himselffrom the sensations he was receiving from Jamal's three thick fingerspushing in and out of him. The boy's legs grew weak as the sensations overtook him."You want my cock boy?' I heard Jamal murmur in Jeffy's ear. A lowgrunt came from Jeffy."I can't hear you boy." Jamal said with a bit more force in his voicefollowed by him burying and twisting his three fingers deep into the boy'sdripping ass."Uuuugh!" Jeffy moaned out as Jamal twisted his fingers again."Y...Yeah!" Jeffy stuttered again as Jamal continued to twist insidethe boy."I want your cock daddy J!" Jeffy finally said lustfully as hestarted to force himself down on Jamal's twisting hand."Yeah, you want daddy's cock don't you boy?" I could hear Jamal sayto the boy gyrating lustfully on his fingers. It looked so hot to see thethirteen year old neighbor boy lost in lust as Jamal manipulated him with hisfingers from the inside."F...f...fuck me daddy J F...f...fuck me." I heard Jeffy plead."Go ahead boy, show daddy how much you want his cock." Said Jamal ashe removed his fingers from Jeffy's sloppy hole. I was amazed to see theboy's sphincter stay open for a bit then slowly close up. Jamal leanedback on the bed as Jeffy climbed up on top of Jamal. I could now seeJamal's thick muscular thighs spread wide before me, his hard cock andballs now completely displayed in front of me as laid back on the bed. Ispotted a thick cock ring around the base of Jamal's cock, no doubt so hecould stay hard for a long periods of time.Jeffy took Jamal's thick eight inch's of flesh in his hand and guidedit to his small boy entrance as Jeffy squatted down over Jamal's waist.Jeffy paused as he nudged the large head against his small sloppy boy hole.It looked impossible for that thick piece of meat to fit into Jeffy's tinyentrance. All of sudden, Jeffy jammed himself down on that thick piece ofcock flesh. His hole resisted for a few seconds, then I watched inamazement as Jamal's cock started to slowly disappear into the boy's tightcolon."UUUUGH!" Jeffy moaned out with a sound of desperation in his voice."MMMMPH! AAAAAGH! NNNYEAH!" Jeffy moaned out with each downward pushas he used his weight to cram more and more of Jamal's thick eight inchesinto his tight boy ass. Three, then four, then six inches slipped insideJeffy's ass as he continued to relax his boy ass and work his way down.The thick black member pushing Jeffy's insides apart as it slide into theboy.I couldn't believe I was getting hard again so quickly after watchingJamal fuck Jonny in the garage. But watching thirteen year old Jeffy work thateight inch tube into him was even hotter."AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO GAWD!" I heard Jeffy yell out as the muscles inhis ass finally fully relaxed from the T bump. Jeffy slide down completelyas he became fully impaled on Jamal`s cock. The boy collapsed forward ontoJamal's body as Jeffy experienced the fullness of having Jamal's cock uphis boy hole for a second time that day.I could see Jeffy's hole spasm around the base of Jamal's cock as Ihad a clear view of where the reclining man and boy were now fullyconnected. I could hear little whimpers coming from Jeffy as he started tomake small movements with his ass, working an inch of Jamal's cock in andout of his sloppy ass. How Jeffy was able to get the massive cock into hissmall body was beyond me. But it was hot as fuck to see it happen rightbefore my eyes."Fuck yeah Jeffy." I heard Jamal mumble as Jeffy picked up speed."Uuung!"...slurp..."Uuungh!"...slap..."Aaaag h!"...slorp...The squatting boy really started to get into fucking himself onJamal's fuck stick. The grunts and groans from young Jeffy mixed in withthe sounds of sloppy, slapping wet flesh increased as he started to workhis ass up and down Jamal's glistening black shaft. The boy had a lustfulrhythm going as he impaled himself on that thick black cock with eachdownward thrust."Fuck boy! Work my cock!" Jamal moaned out as the boy continued hisassault. I could see Jamal's balls start to tighten up as he got closer toshooting his "love frosting" into Jeffy for the second time today. I thennoticed Jamal's hands grip the boy's waist. He took over Jeffy's movementsand really started to pound the boy down on his cock."UUUNGH!"...slurp, slurp, slurp..."AAAAHH!"...slap, slurp,slap..."MMMGGAAGH!"...slorp, slorp, slorp...Jamal effortlessly power fucked the thirteen year old, Jeffy's arms andlegs flailed limply as Jamal's cock pounded the boy's colon. Jeffy lookedlike a boy sized flesh tube as Jamal was now fucking his entire length intoand out of the boy. Loud sucking and squelching noises filled the bedroomas Jamal's full eight inches fucked easily in and out of the boy."MMMmmmMMMmmmMMMghhaaahhhWWWD!..." Jeffy and Jamal were reduced to aseries of long endless grunts and groans, the ability to form words was nowbeyond them as they fucked in a d**g induced frenzy.Jeffy's ass was a sloppy mess as Jamal jack hammered in and out of theboy. A mixture of Jamal's previous load mixed in with Jeffy's ass juicescoated Jamal's tight ball sack as it dripped off and made a small wet spoton the bed beneath them.I couldn't resist massaging my cock in my sweat pants as I continuedto spy on them from the hallway. The sounds of sex echoing through thesecond floor hallway as Jamal and Jeffy's wild fuck session continued tointensify.Then, Jamal thrust up into the boy, pulling Jeffy down on his cock,fully impaling the boy with all eight inches of his thick hard cock. Jeffyarched backwards as he let out a loud groan, then he dropped forwardfollowed by the sounds of passionate kissing. I could imagine Jamal'slarge tongue jammed into the boy's mouth as they dueled tongues together.Jamal then quickly rolled the boy over onto his back and started toreally hammer into the pinned boy on the bed. Jeffy's coltish boy legswrapped around Jamal's wildly thrusting hips as he pounded the boy's ass.All I could hear where muffled moans and slurping noises, no wordswere spoken as I watched Jamal's ass buck and flex as he fucked Jeffy withwild abandon. His hard black cock was a blur as I watched it piston in andout of the thirteen year old. I could barely see Jeffy under Jamal as thelarge man pummeled the boy faster and faster as he got closer and closer toshooting his load."AAAAAAAUUUUUUUNNNAAAAGH!" I heard Jamal roar out as his butt musclestensed jamming his cock fully into young Jeffy. I could see his ballscontract as he injected the boy with his "love frosting". The only visiblesigns of the boy where his slim legs still clinging around Jamal's hips.I backed away from the door, my cock now fully hard and tenting mysweat pants. Jamal had taken both Jonny and Jeffy in the same day, andboth boy's looked like they enjoyed it. They also looked like they were nostrangers to man/boy sex. Where did they learn such stuff? Thank goodnessBen hadn't come upstairs and seen any of this.I quickly retreated to the safety of my bedroom. I collapsed on thebed, whipped out my hard dripping cock, and started to furiously jack offto the recent images of both Jonny and Jeffy getting taken by Jamal. Andwho knows what was happening in Bryan`s room with Uncle Dee. I continuedto stroke myself off, I couldn't help fantasies about what could happen toBen while I'll be gone. It was now a question of when, rather than if,Jamal was going to take Ben's ass. Especially with Jonny's pledge to helpJamal get Ben's ass.Before I knew it, my cock erupted all over my stomach, again! For thethird time in one day! A few shots even made it up onto my chest. Ihaven't done that since before I was married. In fact, I almost felt likea teenager again with the amount of erections and ejaculations I've had inone day. After this last climax I quickly nodded off and fell asleep. Mybody needed recharging and I couldn't resist the sleep my body craved.I woke up later feeling fantastic, the best I'd felt in a long time.I headed out of my master bedroom and down the hall. All the bedroom doorswhere now open and no one was around. I guess everyone had moved outsideto the backyard again. Thank goodness for that I thought. I made my waydownstairs and out into the warm evening air, the sun had set and the tikilamps where lit all around the pool. All of Ben's and Bryan's friendswhere still having a blast as they roughhoused in the pool and around thegrassy area. Everyone was having a good time but I also noticed that allthe boys where wearing white Speedos."That's odd?" I though to myself. "When did Jamal hand out all theseSpeedos and how did he get some of the more shy boys to wear them?"Then I noticed Jamal, wearing just a pair of board shorts, standing inthe grassy area as the boys played around him. He was staring directly atme with a huge grin on his face, his muscles glistening. I thought it wasodd the way he was looking at me. Then he did something I didn't expect.He slid his hands into his loose board shorts and started to rub his crotchin plain sight of the boys, just massaging his groin with both hands whilecontinuing to stare at me with that grin on his face. Then he hooked hisfingers into the sides of his shorts, pushed them down, then kicked themoff with one of his feet.Jamal was now standing completely naked as the boys played around himin their white Speedos, seemingly oblivious to what he was doing. Jamalcontinued to stroke his cock it started to harden in his hands. It quicklyreached it's eight inch girth but to my shock it continued to grow largerand thicker. The boys playing around him finally notice this amazing sightand I thought for sure they where going to run in terror.But the boys gathered around the cock as it continued to inflate,growing freely in Jamal's hands. His member grew with each pulse ofJamal's heart beat as the boys whispering amongst themselves watching thegrowing b**st extend in both length and girth.Then the boys started to touch and rub his cock. Jamal continued tosmile directly at me the whole time, closing his eyes momentarily when thesensations of the rubbing boys overwhelmed him. I noticed Bryan, Jeffy,and Jonny, all wearing their white Speedos, right in there rubbing awayalong with all their friends.The boys worshipped his cock as it now had grown to a mammoth size.It must have been over six feet long and at least four feet around. And itwas still growing!More boys from the pool joined in to rub Jamal's monster cock. Soon,all the boys had gathered around his massive member as it now extended amammoth eight feet out from Jamal's body. I was shocked at what I wasseeing!"How can this happen?! What the hell is going on?!" I thought as Iwatched the boys flock around Jamal and his massive penis. I saw Bryan hopup on it like it was a horse as he started to hump the massive member injust his white Speedo. Jeffy soon followed Bryan's lead and hopped upbehind him. Jamal's cock responded by becoming rock hard and emitting amassive amount of pre-cum from it's slit. That's when I noticed thatJamal's balls had grown to a massive size as well behind him."Daddy needs you." Jamal finally spoke to the Speedo wearing boys ashe continued to stare at me, like he could see right through me. Bryanreacted first and hopped down from his position and stood in front of themassive oozing cock head. Bryan looked over his shoulder at me with adevious smile, then turned back to the massive cock. I then watched inhorror as my youngest son stuck his hands into the wet piss slit andpushed, arms first, into the cock. He quickly wiggled his head in,followed by his shoulders, then his torso. Then the cock took over andslurped the rest of him in like a piece of spaghetti.Then the boys let out a loud cheer and they all moved to the front ofJamal's cock and started to push themselves in. One by one, the Speedoclad boy's forced themselves into Jamal's massive piss slit. Each onegetting gobbled up as they pushed into the snake like b**st. Jamal's ballswhere growing to a massive size as his hungry cock swallowed up boy afterboy.Soon all the boys where in Jamal's balls, I could see them wrigglingaround inside. Then I noticed a boy run past me towards Jamal's cock. Itwas my Ben! He ran up to the cock and stopped in front of it. Ben, thenturned and looked at me. Unfastened his board shorts and pushed them downrevealing him wearing a pair of those same white Speedos the other boyswhere wearing. He smiled that same devious smile Bryan did, then turned tothe cock and dove in head first, jamming his body into the dripping cumslit. Jamal grunted and started to flex his cock as he swallowed Ben up inless just a few seconds.Then Jamal flexed his cock upward as I watched the bulge of Ben's bodyslide down his shaft and deposited into Jamal's warping balls."Their all mine now Frank." Jamal says breathlessly to me as hestarts to stroke his massive cock as it towers over him. I watch Jamal'sballs grow tight squeezing the boys inside into cum as he strokes furiouslyto a massive orgasm. I can see Jamal's balls working the boys, making themhis cum! My boys are in there! The neighbor boys! My boys team mates!Jamal continues to stroke at a fever pace until he let's out a humungousgrunt."YYYEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Jamal yells out as massive amounts of cum andmultiple pairs of white Speedo's go flying all over the backyard leavingeverything coated in a layer of cum.I screamed out "NNNNNOOOO!" as I sat up with a fright. Then Irealized I was still in my bedroom dripping with sweat. What the hell didI just dream? I slowly got up and made my way to the bathroom and splashedsome water on my face. Even my dreams where torturing me.It looked like the sun was about to set as I glanced out the bathroomwindow. I needed to make sure Bryan packed his suitcase for tomorrow. Theupstairs hallway was quiet and all the doors to the bedrooms where open, itfelt eerie after the dream I just had. I glanced into Jamal's room, therewas a noticeable wet spot still on the bed where I witnessed Jamal andyoung Jeffy fuck like wild a****ls a few hours earlier.Bryan's room was now open and his suitcase was open and on his bed,some of his clothes where already packed inside. But I couldn't tell whathad happened between Uncle Dee and him from the surroundings. Everythinglooked normal.I headed downstairs and out to the backyard to see who was still here.As I stepped out onto the patio, I spotted a few heads in the spa, and twoboys in the pool floating around. All of the other boys had already headedhome as the sun set behind the Santa Monica mountains. It looked likeUncle Dee had packed up and left, his grill was gone but there was plentyof food still out on the patio table.I spotted Bryan, Jeffy and Jamal in the spa and surprisingly they werejust sitting there in the bubbles relaxing from all the stimulation they`dshared over the last few hours. For once they were too tired to doanything. They ignored me as they soaked in the hot tub. In the pool Ispotted Jonny and Ben floating on some pool rafts. Seeing everyone finallyspent I headed back inside to the kitchen, made myself a plate of food andwent to my office to finish up some paper work for the big weekend meeting.As I wrapped up my work it was now dark outside, I heard the boys comein from the backyard and attack the kitchen like a bunch of hungry wolves.I called Bryan into the office from the kitchen and reminded him not toforget to finish packing for the trip tomorrow."Sure thing Frank." Bryan said in a rather flippant tone."Hey?! What's with all the attitude young man?" I said in a firmly."I do what MY daddy tells me to do." Bryan replied defiantly."Well I'm your father young man and you will treat me with morerespect!" I boomed."I think my new daddy will have something to say about that...frank."Bryan said with a sneer on his face. Now Bryan was really pissing me off."All right you little shit! Get back here!" I growled as I startedafter him. Bryan face changed from a look of defiance to fear as he knewhe had crossed the line and quickly disappeared into the kitchen, then Icould hear him run out the back door. I was his father and he needed to bereminded of this fact.As I stormed through the kitchen in hot pursuit of Bryan, I quicklypast Ben, Jonny, and Jeffy eating at the kitchen counter. They all had alook of confusion as to what was going on."Uh oh, Bryan did something again." Ben said quietly to Jonny andJeffy in an amused big brother tone. I was glad I was leaving with himtomorrow morning. The sooner I get him away from Jamal the better.As I approached the backdoor I saw Bryan return with Jamal behind him.Jamal had a smirk on his face that made me feel very uncomfortable. Butsurprisingly, Bryan looked a bit humble. I was about to tear into both ofthem when Jamal said something that stopped me dead in my tracks."I think you need to apologize to your father." He said in a sterntone to Bry."I'm sorry...f...father." Bryan says in a sad tone."You need to show better manners to Frank." Jamal continued."I'm his father." I corrected Jamal."Of course, his father." Jamal said looking up at me with a grin."yes, I will" Bryan said in a defeated tone."Now go upstairs and finish packing like a good boy." Jamal said tothe sulking boy. I was suspicious of Jamal's reasons for backing me up.But at least he helped me out with Bryan. I heard snickering from thekitchen as Ben, Jonny, and Jeffy watched from the kitchen."You got busted!" I heard one of them say."Shut up!" Bryan mumbled back as he slowly walked upstairs like hewas being sent to the gallows."All right boy's enough." Jamal piped up."AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Jonny screamed as he leapt out of his chairstartling everybody in the room."Sorry, the vibrate mode was on." Jonny said with an embarrassed lookon his face as he pulled his iphone out of his white Speedos and answeredthe phone.Jeffy and Ben started to laugh uncontrollably, and so did Jamal and I."God he looks good in those Speedos." I thought to myself."OK Jeffy, mom said you have to come home now." Jonny says to hislittle brother as he ended the call."Alright." Jeffy said sadly as he stepped into his flip flops andheaded for the front door. "Just wish I could spend the night like Jonny."Jeffy continued in his dejected tone. I head back to my office to get mybrief case ready as Jamal walked with Jeffy to the front door."You want me to walk you back little boy?' I hear Jamal say to Jeffy.I can't help myself as I spy on what Jamal might do around these hot boys.I listen in from inside my office door at the conversation happening in thefoyer."I'm big boy now." Jeffy says with a giggle proudly. Then I hear himwhisper to Jamal. "I took your pee pee inside me twice today." Followedby another boyish giggle. Then it got quiet for a moment, I couldn't hearanything going on, but I knew something was happening in the foyer.I peaked out my office door and saw Jeffy in Jamal's arms as theypassionately kissed each other. His small boyish legs wrapped aroundJamal's waist as their tongue's dueled franticly. Jamal's hands weremassaging Jeffy's thirteen year old ass inside his new pair of white Speedos ashe supported the boy in their passionate embrace. The boy would grunt andmoan from what I think was Jamal's finger fucked the boy inside his whitesuit.Jamal pulled back and let the boy slide down over his hard thickbulging cock that was noticeable in his board shorts. Jeffy's cute littleboy cock was tenting his Speedo now."OK you, get your cute boy ass home and I'll see you later." Jamalsaid to the little nymph as he slapped the boy on the ass. Jeffy let out ayelp and a giggle as he headed home in just a pair of white Speedo's andhis flip flops. I ducked back into my office as Jamal headed back to theKitchen. I heard Jamal and the boys chatting it up in the kitchen as theyfinished eating. As I listened in on the conversation the boys wherediscussing which film to watch down in the basement screening room. Jonnywanted to watch a comedy and Ben wanted to watch an action flick."READY!" I heard Bryan yell out as he announced himself from the topof the stairs. Then I heard the standard `THUMP' `THUMP' `THUMP' `THUMP'as he ran down the stairs.As I sat at my desk I could see the door leading down to the basementwhere the screening room and weight room where. I could hear commotion inthe kitchen as Bryan joined the boys and Jamal who where now heading forthe basement. As the boys gathered around the basement door I spoke upfrom the office."Don't stay up too late Bry, remember the airport shuttle get's hereearly in the morning." I said to Bryan from the office."Yeah, I will." Bry said with a smile, he was definitely in a bettermood than just a few minutes ago.I watched each boy go down the stairs, Jonny and Bryan where still wearingthose damn sexy white Speedos. Ben had on his board shorts, the same withJamal.Just as Jamal was about to head down, he stopped and we made eyecontact. He smiled that damn smile at me again then continued to headdown. The chattering of the boys grew muffled then silent as I watched thedoor close, then I heard it lock. Why would Jamal lock the door? For somereason the clicking of the lock made my cock hard. He wasn't going to dosomething with all those boys was he? With my Ben? I knew he already hadhis way with the other two boys.But then I remembered what Jonny had said to Jamal in the garage. AndBryan was down there too. Three against one."Oh Shit!" I thought to myself.
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