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ProfessorLet me tell you the story of how my worst day become a dream come true. My name is Professor Jackson I use to be an English teacher at Harvard but got fired because of an obvious misunderstanding. Mrs Flowers, 66 years old Librarian, accused me of sexual misconduct. she claimed i grabbed her ass and made sexual advances towards her. which is complete BS. i am a gentleman and i would never make advances without expressed permission. But all it took was one complaint by Mrs flowers and i was out the door. "I regret to inform you that your job as a professor has been terminated......" blah blah blah. they were just trying to spare themselves the embarrassment of it getting to the press. But when one door Closes another one opens.Because of this one incident I was unable to get a job at any other university. so here i am working at southwest community college. Friday morning i got up like any other day and went in for work. when i got there i stopped at the teachers lounge for a cup of coffee. i turned around and before my eyes there stood a Spanish woman 5'6 long Black hair,curves in all the right places, and wearing a Plaid skirt. she turned, looked at me and smiled. My Cock stood at attention. she looked down and blushed. i looked down and noticed my hard boner pitching a tent. i got so embarrassed i Dropped all my papers and spilled my coffee on myself and the Dean, Mrs Shaw. Mrs show had long blonde hair a slim figure and was wearing a tight Dress that came all the way down. I apologized and we both bent down to pick up my papers. Once we got up i took a napkin and started to wipe the coffee off Mrs Shaw but as soon as i started she stopped me and said "I believe you have a Problem that needs Fixing" a bit confused, i looked down and saw my Boner standing straight up. i took my paper and covered it then apologized. She softly rubbed me on the Shoulder and said Don't worry about it. that only made my Boner worse. i quickly turned around and headed for my class. After preparing for my class. My students started to come in and take there seats. i continued to work on my lesson. When class began i stood in front of the class and looked up. There she was, the Spanish lady from before sitting in the front row with that little skirt on and her legs crossed. i felt my boner begin to rise but before anyone could notice i sat back down in my desk and told the class i wasn't feeling well and i would be teaching from my desk today. i could feel my boner Throbbing and pushing up against the Desk. some how she knew how i felt about her so she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, rubbing her legs and smiling at me. then finally class was over everyone got up and began to leave. all except her. once the class cleared she grabbed her bag, got up and walked over to me. I was still sitting at my desk Hiding my huge boner.she lend over the desk and said "Professor Jackson i Need you" With a drop of sweat running down my face, i gulped and said "for what" she said " i need help with my anatomy. you seem like a man i can trust. please tutor me" i said "well if you really need help then i'm glad to help". She reached in her bag and got a pencil and paper and wrote down her address. "Oh my name is Julia. come around 9 pm" she said. i could barely contain my boner. Just then Ms Shaw Opened the Door. "am i interrupting" Shaw Said. "I was just leaving" Julia saidMs Shaw Said that she just wanted to know how i was settling in. she bent down and grabbed my thigh and said if there is anything i can do to make you feel more comfortable just ask. i said nervously "sure okay" She left and i grabbed my thing and Drove straight home and got into a cold shower. i tried to get Julia and Ms Shaw off my mind for a while by reading a book but no matter what i did my mind kept going back to her smile and her sexy legs in that little skirt. it was 4 hours before 9 so searched some porn and jerked off. all the porn in the world couldn't stop me from thinking about Julia, i never came so hard. after i came i was still horny but it was time to go to Julia's house and tutor her.i arrived at her house and rang the door bell 4 times with no answer. i began to loose patience so i turned around and began to walk away just then the door opened wide. i looked but saw no one. i walked in and Julia was standing in the middle of the floor in a white shirt and her little schoolgirl skirt. my boner was visible for both of us to see. she placed her hand over her mouth and said "oh professor", i Apologized. she took my hand and Said "i understand". Then she lead me to the couch and we both sat down on the couch. she smiled at me and lend over my lap, i was throbbing through my pants. she reached right over me and grabbed her bag. she reach into her bag and pulled out her anatomy book. she opened it and we began to study. while we worked she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs just as she did in class. she stopped mid sentence, looked down and said " it doesn't look like it wants to go down" she said "this is my fault so i'll fix it okay!" all of a sudden she slide grabbed my jeans and unbuttoned them, then unzipped me. my rock hard boner jumped out. she told me to lay down on the couch so i did. she spread her legs and straddled me and Grabbed my Throbbing cock. the precum was dripping down my cock. she slowly began to stroke my cock up and down. it felt so good and she could see the pleasure on my face. she began to Stroke my cock from the base of the shaft all the way to the tip faster and faster. she began to moan louder and louder. i could feel her little skirt against my hard cock. I shouted out "I'm cumming" so she pointed my Cock down and i came all over her sexy legs. She got up and grabbed the paper towel and cleaned herself off, then handed it to me. "Thank you" I said She said "you're welcome. its getting late. i have to go to bed early" "then i'll see you in class. goodnight" I said. the entire ride home i tried to wrap my head around what just happen to me. all i know it was incredible. Tired and Drained i fell asleep early.The next morning in class i noticed that Julia was absent. at first i was worried then i brushed it off as nothing. later that school day, after my classes. Ms Shaw called me to her office. i walked in on her bending over her desk. i had came prepared this time. i had a full binder to hide my boner. She stood up and turned around and said "come in professor. close the door. there is a serious problem" I closed the door and said "Problem?" She walked over to the door and locked it. she walked over to me and said "yes, you have the problem" she kept on walking towards me so i walked back and ran into her desk chair. she pushed me into the chair and said "Only I got the solution" she put her hands in my lap and and grabbed my pants and jerked them down do my ankles. I said " wa..wa..wait Ms Shaw" she pulled down my boxers and my hard cock popped out. she grabbed my cock shaft and shoved her mouth tight around my cock. her wet mouth stroked my cock, bobbing her head up and down. Sucking the head and while stroking the shaft. Ms Shaw was unbelievable. it felt so good. She began to suck my balls while she stroked my cock. she could tell i was starting to cum so she placed my cock between her chest and i came all over her big tits. she got up and took a tissue off her desk and cleaned her chest off and said " now the problem is fixed. Professor you may leave now" "yes mam" i replied. i pulled my pants up and left. i finished out my day the best i could and went home. i ate dinner watch TV Then fell asleep for hours. I awoke to a knock at my door. i got up, put on my robe and answered the door. standing behind the door was Ms Shaw
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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