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The Story of Master McBride-part 2

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The Story of Master McBride-part 2As I looked around, I noticed that some of the boys penis?s were actually looking bigger and longer. And their testicles had changed as well. As I looked at them, I couldn?t take my eyes off of them as both their penis and testicles would sway as they walked. All this time of playing doctor with my friends, I was always proud when my friends would notice that my penis was longer, but now, I stood there in embarrassment, as they proudly walked by me, with everything just dangling as they walked into the shower. I wanted to see things closer, but knew that for the time being, I would have to just watch and admire from a short distance away.Unfortunately, for me, puberty didn?t hit until much later than the others. I was the last to develop pubic hair and my penis or scrotum never got bigger until much later in high school which cast me into a constant state of harassment from my fellow students. It didn?t help that I got caught while taking a shower after physical education staring at one of the other boys penis, and didn?t know that everyone was watching me. They were laughing at me before I knew that I had been caught. I then became the butt of jokes around the school, and was horrified when even the girls had heard about me and began to make fun of me as well. The summer I turned 18, it finally hit. I noticed one day as I was changing to go swimming, that I had a couple of hairs growing around my penis. Nothing else, my penis didn?t grow overnight, my scrotum was still like a small bag containing two marbles, and no other hair growing in my pits or legs. But, I was excited none the less. Unfortunately, my pubic hair around my boy penis and scrotum began to grow quickly, yet nothing else did, which quickly hid my small penis and scrotum. Hiding it to the point that if you didn?t know, I could have appeared to be a young girl. By this time, I had found a couple of porn magazines and had seen the girls in it and even one of the magazines had men and women in it doing what I thought to be bizarre activities involving bondage. But what really caught my attention was how much I looked like the girls with my bushy area between my legs. Even looking in the mirror while nude, I had small breasts due to me having a bit of a larger build. I could pass as a girl very easily if somebody didn?t know. One thing that I also learned that summer was that I found that I really liked being naked. Especially outside while other people could possibly see me. I used to have walk through a city park on my way to and from the city swimming pool. I first started where I would walk through the park with my swim suit pulled down just low enough to where my butt would show in the rear and my bush in the front would be visible to the front. I?d walk this way until I saw someone then would quickly pull up my suit. As time went, I got more daring and would wrap my towel around my waist and remove my swim suit. The thrill was intense just knowing that I was almost completely naked and if I dropped my towel, I would be visible to anyone that happened to walk by. I then began to challenge myself finding smaller beach towels that made it more difficult to cover myself, leaving the pool with just the towel on, and then while walking through the park, I would loosely tie the towel around me, and acting surprised when it fell off (just in case I got caught). When it fell down, I?d stop and bend over at the waist purposely exposing my butt and anus to the world to pick up the towel. Doing all this made me feel good. A good I couldn?t explain later. One of the last summer days, right before school started, I was doing my routine walk home from the pool. I had just a small dish towel that left one side of my hips uncovered as I walked and it was to small to tie in place, so I just held it with one hand. I was walking through a densely wooded area of the park when I tripped and fell to the ground. I lost my grip of the towel and it fluttered off in the wind leaving me on the ground naked. As I went to get up, I noticed three of my classmates standing there looking at me and laughing.(continued)
04-15-2021, at 09:39 AM

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