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Whitewash High Ch.2

Post #1

Whitewash High Ch.2?Gawd, Massa, ram me with your perfect cock. Gape my slutty holes that were made and bred for you. Thinking about you makes my cunt drip like a waterfall,? Michelle screamed out in her bedroom.The busty, fit teacher invited her new master home after the school day was over the following day. It took them nano-seconds for their clothes to be torn off, and their love making to begin. Her body quaked in pleasure, feeling his strong hands over her body. Everything he did to her made strong knees weak, and an undying hunger grow in her pussy. It took all her willpower to not bend over for him in front of others.?Come on, bitch, ride me harder. That negress cunt of yours can handle more of my ivory tower. Take it all, or don?t you want a cream filling tonight???Please, Massa, I want your creampie. I want your babies. Ahhhh??Michelle screamed out again, orgasming over that perfect cock she submitted to. Her vagina clenched so hard from the orgasm that it caused Nik to cum at the same time. A galleon of cum entered her womb, trying to bloat her finely crafted stomach. Nik put a soft hand on those rock-hard abs, feeling them move with each breath.?Don?t leave me, Massa. I?ll do anything you want me to do, I don?t care. Just?Just don?t leave me,? she half-purred and half-cried from sex-addled lust. Her hands stroked, caressed his hair and ran nails down his Adonis-like chest.?Why would I leave my negress bitch? I?m going to white you any time of any day.?SMACK! Nik gave Michelle a hard slap on the ass. SMACK! With each whack, the negress cooed and mouthed thank you to her owner. Body and soul she gave to him. Love at first sight.?Get dressed in your school suit, but don?t get cleaned up. I?m taking you to a special shop. I want to cement our relationship, and test your loyalty. Actions are everything, Michelle.?Smiling, all she could do was nod eagerly. Her mind was racing at what Massa was going to have her do. Was he going to ask her to suck those small, dirty, nigger cocks? Was that the test, to see if she would keep her convictions to him? SLAP! Massa graced her with the palm of his hand, his love, and immediately she smiled in pleasure. There was no thought to the action. Her body was primed to his whim and will already.?But first, you need to put this on,? Nik said, smiling happily at his bitch. ?A gift for you, of my affections, commitment and responsibility.?From his briefcase he took out a collar. Ivory leather with three letters encrusted in jewels: WONMichelle pulled her hair aside, feeling the smoothness of the collar against her silky skin. A shudder of delight ran through her body from head to toe. Instinctively, that dominated body pushed up against its master, rubbing those firm ass cheeks against the cock that owned them. It felt empty, like a sheath without its sword.?Thank you, Massa. I won?t do anything to make you regret collaring me, but what do the letters mean.?Nik leaned in to whisper in her ear. Hearing the three words caused her to moan, grab his shirt from behind her, and tug forward. Fresh fluids began to drip out of the white owned hole.To the outside world their relationship would be viewed as sick, racist, degrading, but it was the pinnacle of freedom for them. Nik had a perverse flair to his sexual persona, one that got easily bored with normal sex. Hump for twenty minutes, maybe get sucked off for five, roll over and fall asleep. Where was the fun, the passion, the intermingling of souls? Michelle needed to be controlled, to have her talents focused and magnified instead of s**ttered like papers in the wind. They complemented each other perfectly. Their word play, the acts of domination opened their souls to the other. They revealed how far they would go for the other. Nik didn?t need to call Michelle a nigger but she wanted it, craved it. But when he said it the word came out with affection, no different than if being called lover, bitch, or babygirl. When he pressed her up against the wall, cheeks rubbing passionately, calling her ?my nigger?, Michelle?s brain focused on the ?my?. She felt loved, secure, and with no pun intended as if she were the concubine of a powerful knight that would protect her.An hour later, inside the dirty porno store, the couple stood out from among the masses. It was in the poorest part of town. Despite the location, it had the best selection for what Nik was after. Hand on her ass, making it obvious he was groping the buxom black lady, he led her to a private stall in the back. The walls were lined with gloryhole videos to view in an adjoining room. He picked out one with a black girl named Ana, a personal favorite of his.?We?re going to put on a little show for the people, bitch,? he commented. ?I?m going to fuck you in the gloryhole. You?re not going to touch anyone but me. I want you to tease those fools with their cocks in the holes, tease them how you?re getting fucked by a real man that knows how to push your buttons.?Hearing what was required, Michelle began to drip in anticipation. Her body became a broken faucet. No matter what Nik did or said, fluids would leak out of her love hole. Face first against the grimy wall, the moans of Ana sucking on white cocks in the background, Nik began pounding the black bitch like it was the last day of Earth. Moans of pleasure echoed from lips that drooled incessantly. The moment the first cock poked through the hole, words began to leave her lips. ?Massa, fuck your negress. I?m just a black bitch that needs a good whiting. I don?t care if others know I?m white owned. I don?t care if my husband knows I?d rather have a white guy fuck me with his unwashed, cum-caked cock than a clean, black one. I?ve lost count how many times I?ve orgasmed since you claimed me.?For the next ten minutes, Michelle went on and on in a similar vein. She got called harsh words. Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, house nigger, and so on, by the black clientele that were looking for a quick BJ in the gloryhole room. The words had the opposite effect than intended on the teacher. Each slur, each insult made Michelle scream her praises louder. It was like a switch went off in her head, that it was her mission to please her white god like a priestess.Drool cascaded out her mouth, eyes rolled back into her skull, and a look of ahegao etched her face. Nik could only smile in happiness. The bitch was passing her first test. One final, hard thrust deep into the ebony cunt led to more cum flooding the drenched womb. It greedily ate it up, and the giant cock stayed put to plug the hole from leaking the valuable liquid.?I serve my white god. Yes?yes?flood me, Massa. Give me the privilege of carrying your white baby.?Five minutes later, the pair left the store hand-in-hand. They got dirty looks from some, and shamed stares from others, as some of the cliental popped their cork from Michelle?s oration.?Good girl, you passed the first test.??There are going to be more, Massa???You want to be the head priestess that worships at my altar???It?d be an honor, Massa. Let me serve you with all my heart. It sounded hot and kinky when you went religious on me. It felt like some kind of science fiction or apocalyptic fantasy tale. I can?t be head priestess with only one of me. I?ll need to go recruit some disciples.?She winked at him as the words came out with a playful tease. Both laughed as the car took off. The little fantasy roleplay created a fun contrast to their previous hardcore fucking. The entire ride back to Michelle?s work home, she casually, greedily sucked off Nik. Sloppy slurping sounds created the background music for the scenic route tour late at night.Glug?glug?slurp?glug?slurp??I?m worried I?m not going to have the stamina to handle you like this every day, Michelle,? Nik joked.?Nonsense?slurp?I?ll take good care of this cock?glug?to get the?slurp?most of it. I won?t?slurp?burn you out, Massa,? she replied between slurps.X?FUCK!? Principal Weiss screamed out in her room, squirting all over the fresh linin. The giant, ivory dildo was sliding in and out of her cunt rapidly, vigorously. All this time she had been day dreaming of the new teacher at the school. He was gorgeous and it made the woman so hot to think about him. The past hour she fantasized him doing all kinds of fetish fantasies to her, from dressing her up as a school girl, to finding an empty barn for something more devious, to even being her Olympic coach.?Get ahold of yourself, girl,? she gasped out, but still licking the sex toy. ?You?ve seen other white men before. He?s not the first attractive white guy to walk down the street or star in a movie. I just can?t stop thinking about him though. What is it??Flopping onto her bed, arms out wide, she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep. Jealousy tingled in her womb. Principal Weiss knew Nik was fucking Michelle senseless right now, that his beautiful ivory manhood was nestled deep within her womanhood. She shouldn?t be having thoughts about being used and owned like a slave but this was her fantasy that was a constant struggle. Her mind told her that society said it was racist, sick and morally wrong. Her body told her the opposite, causing strong knees to become Jell-O at the sight of a white man yanking on the collar of a black woman. ?I?ll try and get him alone. I think I can get him to choose me over Michelle. I know I can.? Her mind raced, figuring out what to wear that would be seductive enough to catch his attention but not so overt that it?d intrigue the other staff. The last thing she wanted was a reputation around school as a whore.XThe following day, at lunch time, Principal Weiss showed up at Nik?s classroom. He was busy looking at some papers, oblivious anyone was even standing there. Even the click of very high heels walking through the gym didn?t break his concentration.Knock Knock?Oh, Principal Weiss, I didn?t see you there. Anything I can help you with?? he asked, showing off a beaming smile.?I wanted to talk to you about something important, in private, away from the others. It?s a bit sensitive and I didn?t want there to be a fuss.?Nik didn?t know what she was getting at, so all he did was continue to smile and offered her a chair. Sitting on the edge of the student?s desk showed off Principal Weiss?s Amazon look. Thick, chocolaty legs were hard to keep prisoned underneath her tight skirt. It was a white skirt to contrast with her skin, staying modest when standing but once she sat down it crawled up dangerously close to her pussy. The matching white jacket made her a stunner, something Nik never ignored.When people ask Nik his favorite type of girl and he says Amazon, they think ?oh, those ugly bodybuilder ladies that look like men?? He always needs to explain the difference between a fitness model and a bodybuilder. Once in a while they clue in and think Wonder Woman immediately but not enough for his liking. The finely crafted physique, the firm ass, hard stomach, what was there not to love? Who wants a girl that jiggles? It also helps there is a good chance they enjoy it rough, with the stamina to go all night long. Why else craft a body that looks so strong, tough, that it wouldn?t want to be put through the paces??We talked the other day about the difficulties you might have at this school cause you?re white. I wanted to be more specific,? she said, calmly, trying not to just pounce on him. ?We?ve had problems in the past with teachers and students getting too close. I don?t want anything to happen. You could just imagine the media storm if a white, male teacher got caught fucking a black, female student. So, I wanted to let you know if you ever want to talk, if you feel there might be a problem, come to me. We?ll solve it.?With her arms crossed under her massive chest, it pushed them up to give Nik a better show. He tried to focus solely on her eyes, but they were bigger than Michelle?s and were sticking out lewdly.?What about with other staff?? he inquired.?Just don?t go causing any drama. I can?t control what two, consenting adults do in their free time.??Well, thank you, Miss Weiss for being so upfront with me. I?m sure there should not be any problems during the year. I?m a professional. I?d hate for you to have to vent to your boyfriend, bitching about problems at school I caused.??Oh, I?m single,? she interjected, eagerly.?Shame, a beautiful woman like you, I thought you?d be snatched up early.? He flirted with her, becoming more sexually interested in his superior.?I haven?t found the right guy yet,? she said, getting nervous, suddenly playing with the hem of her skirt. Legs spread apart out of instinct, showing off her lacy panties underneath. Also out of instinct, Nik looked at the show he was given before they locked eyes for a moment, feeling the sexual tension in the air.?Hey Nik, where did you?Oh, Principal Weiss, was there a department meeting I didn?t hear about?? Michelle asked, surprised to see her when walking into the classroom.?No, nothing, just going over something to help Mr. Knight settle in better. You two enjoy lunch, remember what I said.?Principal Weiss got up, adjusted her skirt, and walked off. She felt embarrassed, face flushed, and lucky they were not caught in a more provocative moment.?Everything okay, Massa?? Michelle asked.?Yeah, she just wanted to make sure I didn?t fuck one of the students. You know, race war stuff.??Was that everything???What do you mean??Michelle ran a finger along the desk Principal Weiss sat at. A glossy shine covered the manicured finger.?Looks like something was going on,? she said.?Huh, she did just accidently flash me. I didn?t think she was leaking on the desk though.??Bitch, trying to steal my man,? Michelle spat out in contempt. ?Nigger better watch her back.??Hey, don?t get jealous. Nothing happened, Michelle. Relax.??I don?t care who else you fuck, Nik, just tell me I?m your number one.?Nik looked confused. He didn?t expect to be given permission outright to be free and fuck anyone he wanted. He had to ask to make sure he wasn?t imagining things.?So, you?re telling me I can fuck anyone I want? Doesn?t that defeat the purpose of a relationship??Michelle walked to the desk, bent over at the hip, and ran a finger over his cheek sensually.?It?s a fetish thing. I?m a collared slave, but I still expect to be number one in the group. A girl has her pride and dignity,? she spoke to him. ?Besides, why would I keep the other bitches and niggers from experiencing a man like you? One kiss of your tip and they?d be set straight for life. I?m going to need the backup. My jaw and holes are still too sore after all we did.? She winked, walking off. ?Come on, let?s get some food.?The situation was intriguing for the man. Yesterday he thought he had a kinky BDSM relationship going on. Today, that same girl basically said he could make a harem and she didn?t care as long as she was number one. It made what Principal Weiss did more erotic in his mind. During the afternoon he had thoughts of lewd, carnal acts with her. Was there anything wrong with having two Amazons sucking him off hungrily?The next day Nik arrived early for work. It was quiet, dark, perfect for getting work done without any distractions. Only one car was in the parking lot, the principal?s. He figured she had lots of paperwork to do. Heavy rests the head that wears the crown.The hallways were dark, creepy even, for the sun hadn?t risen in the sky yet and no one had turned on the lights. He didn?t mind it. There was no need to draw attention to himself, and he also could see well enough to get to the classroom. Once inside he took a seat and soaked in the moment. The past few days were a blur, and the young man still didn?t believe he had gotten into an adulterous relationship with a black teacher that wanted him to treat her like a plantation slave. Whatever rocked her boat as he was not one to criticize her fantasies. His white balls were drained daily by her, and his phone was blowing up to with lewd sexts. It was her way of keeping him edged, always hard and in the mood to gape open her black holes.He was reading the newest one sent to him last night.?My cunt is leaking your white baby batter next to my husband. The sheets will be stained with your fluids
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